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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Went to go see "Midway"

I and my son went to watch the movie "Midway".

Overall I was impressed, I know a lot about the battle, I have blogged about "Midway" a lot in the past.  The Movie did touch on how out classed the TBD "Devastator" was against the Japanese and how bad the torpedo's we had.  It wasn't just the Aerial Torpedo's that were bad, the Submarine Torpedo's sucked just as bad.  It was a group of Submariners taking one of their torpedo's and hoisting it on a crane and dropping the torpedo straight down on the warhead contact .After the non explosion of the torpedo, it finally proved to the ordinance dept that the torpedo's were faulty.   The Movie also touched on the conflict that the Japanese General Staff had, you had the Army that was worried about Russia and China and the Navy was concerned about the United States. 
     The General Staff was locked until the Doolittle raid shook up the Japanese Psyche. 

Here is a technical analysis of the Movie.  Sure it had technical inaccuracies but it was accurate in a lot of things and it is worth seeing with a bag of popcorn and watch the movie.  I will be adding the blue-ray version to my collection.


  1. I saw a trailer for this movie about 2 months ago at the cinema and have been eagerly waiting for it's release down here in OZ, was supposed to be the 28 Nov but for some reason it has now been moved back to the 20 Jan 2020! I am mightily annoyed!

    To go along with Midway I would give anything to see a modern movie made about the Battle of the Coral Sea, the first naval battle fought in which neither surface fleet came within visual range, and also a pivotal battle in the defense of Australia.

    1. Hey Sgt;

      Yeah that would be a cool movie to see, The Battle of the Coral Sea happened to keep the Japanese from seizing Port Moresby which would have been the jumping point for an invasion or no invasion but it would force the Australians to back off supporting the European War to defend their homeland. I saw the trailer several months ago and got pumped. But I was afraid that Hollywood being hollywood would screw it up. But luckily they didn't make it PC or show intersectional identity politics.

    2. Good to hear!!Has an Australian movie called "Danger Close - The Battle of Long Tan" made it to the US? If so I highly recommend seeing it, the action is rivetting! This was our most decorated single action in Vietnam.

    3. Hey Sarge 73rd;
      I will see if that movie is on Netflix or Amazon. If not there, I will check Youtube.


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