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Friday, March 13, 2020

Ruins of civilization.......and the media

  I can't believe how fast shit changed, a week ago we were a first world nation with first world problems, like what restaurant we gonna eat at tonight kinda stuff.  A week later the mobs are moving through subdivisions looking for Toilet Paper, yesterday they hit a house 2 doors down...the screaming was surreal as the people at the house realized that they lost whatever chance they had to survive the pandemic that has hit the nation and destroyed civilization.
    I have to protect the means for my family to survive the COVID-19(Wuhan Flu) Virus.  Right now the lights are flickering on and off as the power grid substations are damaged by the mob moving from place to place like locust seeking Toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  I have had to make my house look unoccupied, I had parked my sons truck at an angle and set fire to the truck to reinforce the unoccupied look I was seeking.  I don't want to engage in gunfire because there are many of them and they are attracted by loud noises and I can be overrun and my family lost if the mob comes to my house to seize my TP.  My house is in darkness as I nervously grip the foregrip of my Hi-Point Carbine. hoping that I don't have to use the weapon that sets the quality for carbines in the World.  My Friend Mack and his friend Pudge have exholled the virtues of that rifle, especially for Liberal, Democratic supporters  zombies.
      Seriously though, We went for a drive to go to a late lunch and decided to go to Aldi's to grab a few things and the hoarding and stupidness I saw was unreal.  The store looks like a hoard of Locust had descended upon that place.  No Toilet paper, no sanitizers, and no  veggies or meat.  And as I understand it, SAMS and Walmart look like a war zone has descended upon those stores.  President Trump has restricted travel to Europe and that has severely impacted my employer.  I understand the logic for the restrictions.  Italy exploded because of the large number of Chinese transient workers operating there and add the idiot that was a food delivery service, and was told by the Italian Police to self quarantine  and he blew off the Police and continued delivering food and infecting more people.
One of my "Old" Pics from 2015
       The media is ecstatic, they hope the coronavirus fears continue into the general election so they can use it to flog President Trump.  They gloss over the fact that it was the COMMUNIST Chinese that was responsible for this, the combination of Communist ideology of you can't criticize the actions of the Chinese Government because it is an ipso facto criticism of the Communist party and then you throw in the oriental practice of "Saving Face", and it really blew up and got out of hand.
   Something about the Mainstream Media.
I honestly believe that the current hysteria is caused by the media, they want to hang this on President Trump.  When we had H1N1 or the  Swine Flu in 2009 and 2 strains of Bird Flu in 2013 during the "Annointed one's" term, the media downplayed it greatly because they didn't want the news  to impact negatively the administration and the image that the administration crafted.
Another one of my old pics I dug out of my "old Blog Pic" folder.  I don't expect "google" to save the image so I manually save the pics on my laptop.

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