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Friday, April 23, 2021

Last Weekend events

 Well Last Weekend  I went to "Itchy Paws" Texas to Meet a certain larger than life character who had organized an unofficial get together, he had planned  this last year and sent out the invites to various ner do well, LOL.This was my first flight since Covid and having to wear that damm face diaper the entire time at the airport and on the plane bit the big one, it was a different experience.    Well I landed in Texas and the face diaper came off  and I had made arrangements with "Hertz" to rent a car, they tried to get me into a Kia, well I was definitely not excited about that and the guy running the lot then asked me if I had a preference because he saw my facial expressions and I commented ""Well I am a Ford guy, Y'all have any Fords?'  Well they did and I got this little SUV, for the same price for a compact car, 

              A 2020 Ford "EcoSport AWD Limited, and it even had the Sirius/XM turned on, so I got my "80's music fix the entire way from Dallas/Fort Worth to "Ichy Paws".   I had rented a cabin at the resort where the event was planned.

                       The cabin was pretty nice, better than I expected
                          This was the Interior past the Bathroom, 
      it also had a little Kitchenette, and I didn't even use the coffeemaker.(The Horror)

       This was the meeting room where everyone was getting together at.
This was the View I saw.
      While I was there, I met an eclectic group of people, some that I had met at NRAAM and others that I have only known in cyberspace.  it was a really good time and I enjoyed myself immensely.   We talked about books, current event, possible futures and many other things, it really was a blast.

    Even "Wendall" the Manatee" and the Ring tailed Lemur were having a good time.

    Yeah, I had turned on the Lights so when I walked back to my cabin, I had something cheerful waiting for me.  
     I hated to pack up and leave but I had to leave to return Home.

     Hopefully next year the Larger than life Gentleman will host the event again, if so, than I will return, but this time I might drive, LOL.....BTW   Who brought the Winter, it was Cold, if I hadn't decided to bring my Leather Jacket and Knitted Hat as a last minute addition, it would have been rough.


  1. Great to see you, and we're blaming the lady from Oregon for the weather... LOL

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      It was good seeing you and the other Ner do wells at "Itchy Paws", it was great experience. Hope the larger than life fellow agrees to host the event again.

  2. Glad you had a good time and especially glad you're back in the blogging business, MrG!

    1. Hey Juvat,

      it was a blast and I am glad to still be in the blogging business, I will be backing up the blog this weekend, I will have time to do so in case I get bit again, I won't lose everything next time.


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