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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Fathers Day

 I want to wish all the Dads out there that are doing all the things out there and being all the things for their kids a Happy Fathers Day, you know the guys, they are the ones that are involved with their kids from all the football practices, homework, baseball practices, taking the kids fishing, shooting, camping, and being involved.  that takes a special person to do all those things.  The job continued after the kids are grown and the Dads are still the ones that can help fix things or give advice because how matter how old you are, you still talk to your Dad, as I did until very recently when St Peter Cut Orders for my Dad to report to Fiddlers Green, this Fathers Day will be more difficult for it will be my first Fathers Day without my Dad and it feels strange, I am used to picking up the phone and "rattling his cage" as the saying went and talking to him about most anything from politics, to regular things to one of my blog post, I used him as an "unofficial" advisor on my Vietnam post because I tried to be accurate,( especially with those post to honor that generation that served and got shat upon by the Hippie scum and other democrats) to how my son is doing, both of them likes to fish, whereas I didn't see the attraction... I guess the fishing gene missed a generation it seems.

 I would also like to throw an "Attaboy" to the Moms out there that are doing the double duty because the "Dad" ain't in the picture, I see it because as part of my scout duties, there are a lot of single moms and they put their boys in Scouts because they want to see their boys have a positive role model in their lives and we guys try our best to provide one.


Again, I want to wish all my friend a "Happy Fathers Day".


  1. Happy Father's Day to you also, Mr G. I had similar circumstances as you vis a vis, my Dad.( Maybe it's a military thing) Miss him greatly. The first year is hard as you say, they do get somewhat easier but I haven't reached easy yet. Nor do I expect to.


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