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Monday, July 12, 2021

Door to Door.......Really? And other rants and musings.....

 This rant has been percolating and there is bad language ahead.....I am slightly *Miffed*...

 I saw this in the news,  This ties is the the push that apparently the Xiden administration also wants to go door to door and "Verify everyone's vaccination status" and those people that ain't vaccinated, to "encourage" them to get vaccinated.  There is a groundswell amongst the liberal left to punish those that ain't vaccinated and those that don't want to be vaccinated.  They want to get them fired from their jobs, punish them in society, and have them move to areas where others like them also can "Stew in their own unvaccinated filth" and keep them together away from civilized society for the benefit of society and if they have to travel amongst the vaccinated, they have to wear some article on their clothes to identify them as "antivaxxers" to the rest of society so they can be shunned and mocked.


     I don't know, but I remember version 1.0 of this software and I wasn't impressed it ultimately  crashed after causing a lot of problems, and I don't want to experience the 2nd version either.   My tolerance is getting smaller and smaller as is my patience.  So far my employer isn't requiring it of me, but oh boy are they pushing it though with cash giveaways and other things.


     Another rant is that the Donks  have created a hell of a crime wave and now they are trying to blame the GOP and the legal gun owners for their own fucking things up.  As you can tell, I am really pissed off about this and the damm lapdog media that at one time was educated under the standards of Edward R. Murrow and other Titans of media have become little more than lapdogs and shills for one political party and one ideology, My how the mighty have fallen....

   Another thing the Xiden administration did was get Involved with Xidens son "Selling Artwork" and they set it up to avoid any ethic issues and the buyers are to remain "anonymous" .....Really?    If us regular people tried that stuff, we would get rode out of town on a rail and we would be fired for soo many ethic violations it would be a nightmare, but for some reason, he skates ........again.

        The liberal democrats are pushing "Critical Race Theory" basically the theory that the United States is a inherently racist country and that everything bad that happens to POC's is on account of inherent racism and that white people are responsible for fomenting systemic racism on everybody else to maintain their spot on top of the pyramid and what is worse is that they are pushing this crap on our troops 

    We have Russia and China modernizing their military and training together and I read a report from the Japanese warning us that the Chinese are planning a "Pearl Harbor Style" attack and we are busy purging a huge chunk of soldiers out of our ranks because they hold traditional American values?.  I am a student of History and I recall the purges that Stalin did to the Red Army in the late 1930's and got rid of good officers and promoted "politically reliable people instead and the Soviet Union paid for that in the great Winter war with Finland and when Germany invaded in Operation Barbarossa and the Red Army collapsed and the Germans came almost to the gates of Moscow.  Now we have Officers that are more concerned about pleasing their political masters than doing the right thing, they are more concerned about getting that next star, that next rank as they totally screw over the country as long as they are taken care of.  What happened to "Duty, Honor, Country"?   Now it is Me, Me, Me...We are screwed if we get into a war, we will not have time to repair the damage done by these self serving  traitorous leeches.  With the Speed of modern war, we will get our ass handed to us and be forced to capitulate and a huge section of of our population that supports  CRT will rejoice in this.

What is worse, they are doing this crap to our kids, they are poisoning a generation of kids, they are telling all the black kids that no matter what happens, they will suck, and that will make them bitter and hateful, and they will tell all the white kids that no matter how good that they are, they are representative of an evil people that is responsible for all the evil in the world and that have to atone for it.  What kind of a guilt trip you want to lay on a kid with that load of crap?   Really?  You are gong to poison several generations of kids and poison race relations like nothing you have ever seen.

And don't even get me going on all these spoiled rotten athletes that live better than 95% of the rest of the world, but they have to virtue signal and denigrate  the country and flag that they are suppose to represent.  If this place is soo damm bad, then f**king leave, go to Africa or South America or China and see how people REALLY live and how much freedom you don't have the moment you say something that goes against whatever the ruling junta says and watch your entitled ass get thrown into a camp or raped and murdered.   Jeez   I am really tired of this crap.

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