The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Underhanded Liberal Anti-gunners tactics

I would have posted this earlier, but I had to handle an accident.  On the way home, my wife got into an accident and her 2006 Freestyle got totaled.
   I have a good insurance company that caters to the Military community so I am not worried about that, but I am grateful that she is ok except for the bruising from the seat-belt and the airbag deployment.  She is glad that she is ok, but she is annoyed, that car had 160,000 miles on it and she loved that car, it took the family cub scout and boy scout camping( lots of times)  many road trips and the daily driver uses.  That car was her 2nd new car that she ever got and she was perfectly content with it.  The car was paid for and ran well.  Now she has to look for another car and she absolutely hates car shopping.  But I digress.

Now to my blog post.
I am a hardcore proponent of the 2nd amendment.  I became a believer after visiting Dachau concentration camp in southern  Germany in Bavaria.  That the state was able to shove all those people into a cattle car and ship them off to their death and these people meekly went because they didn't have the means to resist and the social conditioning that made them susceptible to this.  I and many others have sworn that when the time comes to go into that long goodnight, we will not go meekly and await either the executioners bullet, blade,gas, drone strike or other means that they will use to dispatch people that disagree with the ideals of the elitist Liberal and other power hungry socialist.  We in the United States are lucky that there is the 2nd amendment to protect our ability to resist tyranny.
   Now we have a small very vocal anti-gunners that run around and try to cause problems for people who believe in the 2nd amendment.  Many of us also do concealed carry and sometimes open carry and we try to be very understanding of establishments that don't want firearms in their establishment.  We understand that, we are believers of "free Choice" whereas the anti-gunners not only want to not own guns, they want to make sure that you don't either.   There is a logical disconnect here.  Now I get emails and alerts from JPFO.org on the latest things the collectivist are up to.  I consider this especially devious, not only they trying to reattach the social stigma about firearms they are interfering with the transactions about a buyer and seller.

Apparently the gun haters have decided that since they can't convince business owners to post anti-gun signs, maybe they should post the signs themselves.

After Oct 1st I started to look for posted signs at my favorite establishments. I frequently go to a local chicken wing place in Greensboro and last week I noticed a simple sicker that pictured a pistol with red circle and line through it. I took it as no firearms allowed.

I was grabbing a to go order so I had already called it in. I was sad as this was going to be my last order as I wasn't going to support them anymore. I REALLY like their wings. The manager is the one who brought me my order and gave me the customary "come again soon." To which I replied "not likely as long as you have that" pointing at the sticker.

She was shocked and asked the hostess if she knew who put that there. She asked me to wait and went to the back. She came back with the chef who is the owner and he said he had no idea how that got there. He removed it and wished me a good day.

The story has a happy ending, but the follow up is even better.

There's a lesson here. If you see a gun ban sign, make sure to question it. It might be some anti-gun jerk posting the sign.
If you are the victim of some gun hater posting a sign like this, please let me know. I can put you in touch with the Grass Roots North Carolina leadership and we can publicly humiliate the person posting the sign. It might not be worth the effort to sue them for Tortious Interference with Business Relationships

    Basically if you see an anti-gun sticker on your choice of business, politely ask the manager about this, it could be sticker ed without their knowledge, and if they agree with it, you can then decide if you want to continue to frequent their establishment.


  1. Oh... THAT is not going to buff out... Glad your better half is okay (bruising is normal, along with burns on the arms from the airbag). And yes, car shopping SUCKS! Concur with all on the 2A comments too! Somebody should be prosecuted for that crap!!!

  2. I'm getting a malware warning from your blog. Some link to peoplescube.com is malware...

  3. Hey Old NFO; Yeah..I don't think that will buff out...I was hoping a bit of speed tape, a coat of paint...and voila.....Ready to go again. On a kinda more serious note, we have started car shopping. Waiting on the official word on the $$$ amount so we know how much we will have to go "out of pocket" on.
    Super serious note..I will quit using anything I find from "peoples cube" The last thing I want is for my little corner of the internet to be a malware site.

    1. Not the time of year to be looking... All the 'decent' ones will be gone as Christmas presents... I hope your insurance does right by you. No prob on the malware, just didn't want you to lose visitors...