The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election results...Some quick thoughts

Well We survived the 2014 election cycle, and I am glad.   The people have spoken, we used our power to force a change in government.  This shows the wisdom of our founding fathers.   Most other countries would have had riots and the paid lackeys of the ruling junta would have been beating opposition party members.   Here in America, the results were peaceful.  The results are:

     President Obama made a quote several weeks ago that stated that " I am not on the ballot, but make no mistake, all of my policies are......"
I am sure that the democratic strategist wanted to fall on their swords after that comment...President Obama just handed the GOP the perfect soundbite to flay him with.  He is very arrogant and hubris rules the Obama White House.

 The pollsters were predicting a close one and it wasn't even close.  The vast majority of the voters don't like the direction of the country is going and the President is so ideologically biased he can't change his course. The Democrats I have noticed every election cycle, find some issue to inflame the black community to get them to the polls.

  In 2012 it was Zimmerman and Trayvon.  They also have done it in 2010 and 2008.  Every election cycle has one event to keep them fired up and angry.  After the 1994 election when the democrats got their butt handed to them by the retroactive tax increase he pushed through after he got elected,hillery-care and the assault weapons ban.  To maintain power Clinton changes his course and of course got reelected.  Obama will not change..it is all about ideology. 
     Now the President has stated that despite GOP winning the senate in grand fashion and increasing the house majorities and picking up some governors races.  he is still bound by his beliefs.
     We have President Obama still intending to push his amnesty through, he wants to tie another voting group to the democrats, in this case the Hispanic voting block.  They already have the blacks as a monolithic voting block and figure that if they get both those along with a large group of women voters, they will have an unbreakable voting coalition that will guarantee them in power until the cycle of time and the United States becomes a fixture of the past.

 I was and am suffering from "election burnout."   The cycle starts to start up earlier and earlier, the politicians will start running for election right after they are sworn in, perhaps sooner.  The 2016 Presidential election will prove interesting, the Democrats will probably go with Hillery, I can see the campaign slogan now "We need to elect a women to fix the mess the men made."  and they will run her.

    The democrat party machine  normally have their candidate already lined up to avoid a bruising primary that might dig up a bunch of dirt they normally have a complicit media squelch for them. The only time I saw differently was in 08 when Obama came out of nowhere and bumped Hillery off.  The only reason it was tumultuous was because you have 2 groups inside the party fighting, you had the groups that wanted the first black president vs the group that wanted the first women president.  Remember to a democrat, it is group identity that matters.  the problem is that Hillery has been a fixture since the early 90's and people have Clinton burnout.she has several scandals hung on her and her proclivity for distortion and deception and outright lying is known..so I am expecting a fresh face to make a go.    Just my crystal ball...but it can get hazy.
     The GOP on the other hand will have a bunch of candidates to field from and it will be as nasty as the 2012 election cycle was.  The GOP don't work the identity politics like the democrats do so by nature it is more rambunctious.
     I am glad that the cycle is over...Now I can watch tv..when I have time....and not see this:


  1. We 'might' get a break for a month... I hope... sigh

  2. OMG> your political cartoons are the best and had me rolling. Thanks for that. I hope the elections show some good change to come, but I don't know. Ye of little faith, I guess. At least we handed him his ass. LOL

  3. Hey Old NFO;
    I believe that it will start up as soon as the swearing in ceremony is concluded. I like the part time legislator idea more and more.
    Hey Momma Fargo,
    Thank you:) Sometimes I get lucky with the cartoons.