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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Range time..

Well I had some time on Saturday, My son was going to Merit Badge day and the spousal unit was going to the GA Tech game to work the concessions for the youth group.  Since I had a day to myself after camping Friday night....Guess what....?
 A bunch of my blog buddies had a blog shoot up in West Virginia, hosted by Murphy. I wanted to attend but the distance and time made that a non starter.  I was hoping to go and meet some of the other bloggers that I associate with online.  So I went to the Range....It was of course my birthday, so I was totally cool with that.  I spent about 2 hours at the range, went through about 200 rounds of ammo....that is a lot for me.  Got my scope really sighted in.  Something I really wanted to do. 
  Then to change it up, I changed out the upper receiver, and it was a bit strange shooting the rifle the "old school" way.  I had the Range master comment that he hasn't seen that configuration since he saw a Vietnam War documentary.     I even used one of my old 20 round magazines to go along with it.
        It was a good day at the range, while I was there I saw a bunch of Tupperware for men there:
  And picked up some SWAG for my tool box and for some other people that might one one.

All in all it was a good day.


  1. Oh guns and ammo porn. I can't concentrate the rest of the day now. Dang. I need some ammo cans now that I look at that pic. Mine are all full. LOL

  2. Hey Momma Fargo,

    I wish all that ammo was mine.....I still don't have near enough. I gotta change up from the politics, airplane prom, and cartoons;)

  3. Sorry you couldn't make it. Fun was had, but Range time is good!!! :-)

  4. "Tupperware for men." I like that. Last year my wife decided to stop in a flea market on a whim, and called me. "They have ammo cans, do you need any?" My response? "Always." I think she brought home three that day.