The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Schoolhouse Rock.....The Modern Version....

I have posted quite a few "Schoolhouse Rock" video's on my blog. and the most popular one is"The Bill", this one explains how a bill can become law.  Schoolhouse Rock was a staple when I would watch cartoons on Saturday morning.  it is a fond memory that I have of my childhood, as most people have.

     Original version

    But since we have entered the modern age of Obama, the traditional ways that have worked for over 200 years are no longer being used for legislation. 
Apparently NBC blocked this on "Copyright law's"..I wonder how much pressure the Present regime put on NBC to pull it since it was unfavorable to the Messiah.

      Our founding fathers had designed a system where they believed that they had formed a system of government that would support the ideals of Freedom and individual liberty.  They also knew that as long as the people were educated, that the ideals of freedom would flourish.  But in the modern age of Obama, the people are no longer educated on the ideals of freedom, they are educated on what free stuff they can get from the government, and all it would take is to support the policies of the government.  The people have sold out their birth-rite on the promises of free stuff.  As long as they get "their stuff" they will give their loyalty to the government.  Here is the danger of slavery, not the physical kind, but the more insidious slavery of spirit.  Once enslaved as such, the person sees everything as a "race to keep the free stuff coming".  They no longer have hope of their spirit being free, to pursue their dreams....their hope is replaced by the hope that their EBT card gets loaded at the beginning of the month.  Their spirit is crushed by the slavery that they willingly signed on for with the promise of "Free Stuff."  They have sold their soul into bondage and the bondage will consume them.
      I am a fan of the show "Babylon5"  and the character of G'kar played by the late Andreas Katsulas made a speech of freedom that resonated.  It is one of the favorite clips from the fans from that 5 year run of the show.
5 minute clip


  1. I saw the SNL clip this morning. I have been hoping that one of these days, Obama would go too far, and the even the liberal elite (entertainment and media) could no longer bring themselves to agree with everything he does. I've seen things like this before, but they always turn out to be isolated incidents, and the libs in entertainment and media always go back go back to blindly supporting him.

  2. That last clip is pretty good! :-)