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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Muslim infiltration of the White House...?

Real Life has kept me busy, I will be glad when School is over, then things will start to slow down...or not.   Summer promises to be as crazy as the rest of the year.  Old NFO always comments that "Willie Nelson is playing his song" when he is posting light.....I gotta find a song to describe me...and I don't think "Frog on a hot rock" is a single yet.....but that being said...I havn't checked the country or the rap charts.......
I had gotten this information from my Dad who saw it in a link.  I had wondered how come radical islam(like there is any other kind?) has had a resurgence the past few years.   I keep on wondering how much information and intelligence and means of collections are passed down through these people then gets disseminated to the people blowing themselves and innocent people up.
    There is a picture that I had used when I first started blogging to describe how the West and islam fights.
   We protect women and children, they hide behind them.    I wonder how much damage this will continue to cause the United States after Obama retires to private life.
Look who's new in the white
   Arif  Alikhan
  - Assistant Secretary for Policy Development  for the U.S. Department of Homeland
Mohammed Elibiary
- Homeland Security Adviser

Rashad  Hussain
  - Special Envoy to the  Organization of the Islamic

Salam al-Marayati
- Obama Adviser and founder of the Muslim Public
   Affairs Council 
 and is its current executive

Imam Mohamed Magid
- Obama's Sharia Czar from  the Islamic Society of North

Eboo Patel
- Advisory Council on Faith-Based  Neighborhood
   This is flat-out

Also I ran across this story called the "Black House" a book purported to be written by a former secret service agent.  I will give a link to the story and a comment I made at the end at their website.

Secret service agent says that Obama is a Gay Muslim 

I checked around and looked for this book. There is no mention of this book except for a 1974 book by Paul Theroux. When I first started reading this article it did sound plausible. But the B.S. meter started moving at the “Diana Ross” comment. I am a conservative blogger and I always research before I publish..something the mainstream media has forgotten to do, I remembered a formula that Geobbels(The nazi propaganda minister) had said. “Mix one part lie with 2 parts truths mix well and serve.” I believe that this article is a ruse, it is designed to make the conservative side of the aisle look ignorant and bigoted, this article plays on the beliefs that we already have about our current disaster in chief. Which describes the crap that the daily Kos, mother jones and other leftist websites try to foist on us to discredit us. 


  1. Good point, and I hope you don't have to use Willie's tune... :-)

  2. If we would shoot their women and children and jail any media outlet that reported unfavorably on it, they would stop hiding behind them. They do it because it works. They learned it by watching us. They will keep doing it until we change.

    Same thing for the Red Cross/Red Crescent markings. If we shoot at ambulances, they will stop using them to transport troops and supplies.