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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Range time.....And other musings

The past few days have been real busy, that is why I haven't posted.  I had tried to post something a couple of time but I couldn't get the media to cooperate with me.  Well on Thursday we had "AMT" day at work and I had downloaded a video of some airplanes coming over for the displays.  I hope the video works
  Well I can't seem to get the video to load.....durn it....so I will go with the regular posting.

  We had gotten some cool stuff along with the food.  And the tool vendors did a brisk business.  I can't say too much I tend to buy  tools off the MAC truck.  That being said, the MAC guy also has "GearWrench",  which I find to be very imaginative and some other brands.  If you look in my tool box, you will find MAC,Proto,Kobolt, Craftsman, and some Harbor Freight.  Tools are expensive, but it is a cost of my doing my job.  And I own them. 
     On Friday my Son graduated from 5th grade and he did very well,   As a reward.....He wanted to go to the range...I immediately had this thought...
    Well after we left the school, I went home grabbed a couple of rifles and we went to the range.   I always try to go to the range, but with my goofy schedule it has been difficult.  Well any way we went to try this new range that just opened up just north of where we live, and it cost a bit more, but the savings of time and gas made it worthwhile.  And it was a *Nice* range.  I always have seen these ranges on TV and the places I have shot in the past were definitely on a budget.  No complaints, I just like having a place to shoot.  But this range was *posh* in my book, granted I have low standards I guess.  

 Here is my son sighting down his *repaired* 22LR semi auto.  And it ran well, my son was very happy that his rifle finally worked, it was having problems feeding and jamming.  Well I took it to a gunsmith that I know and he repaired it for about $40.  There was a bent rod, and a warped spring that was causing the problems.  It also was missing a screw in the trigger guard that was affecting the action.  So his rifle ran well and he was very happy.  He also wanted to shoot "Daddy's rifle"  so I let him.
I was using a 22 adapter to shoot with. so I let him shoot it.  I also brought 20 rounds of .5.56 to let the rifle shoot through the regular bolt.  I know the holes in the paper are the same size, but it sounds and operates differently under a full power load.  I also let him shoot a few rounds with the regular bolt carrier group so he gets the feel of the rifle with the different ammunition.

And speaking of good times, I had told my Dad that we were shooting at the "new" range so he joined us to shoot his "new" 22LR semi auto pistol that he recently bought.

     I felt really good, I had both my son and my dad at the range, there were 3 generations of shooters on the firing line....I think it disturbed the space time continuum.   We did have a good time and I picked up a few new polymer magazines to augment the old style GI magazines I had when I left the service back in 1991.  $10 a pop wasn't a bad price, especially when I remembered the stupidity that happened last year.  I am glad to see that AR parts have dropped back to almost realistic levels.  Unfortunately the supply of .22 LR hasn't.
Fixing to bag them back up the end of the shooting day, we all were tired.  I than woke up saturday morning and spend all day Saturday helping to prep the land for cub day camp.  It was already getting warm and being in the sun really takes it ou


  1. Three generations is a GREAT day! :-)

  2. Hi Mr G.,
    'Just did a little range time this afternoon myself. Good "Recoil Therapy" with a couple of 9mm semi-auto pistols. Practice, practice!

    God, Guns and Guts Keep America Free,