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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas and the Aftermath..

Well I was very busy visiting family this past week so blogging was light.  I for the first time in many years actually had Christmas day and Christmas eve off.  Normally as a chemtrail technician my schedule is set by the needs of my employer so I normally have to work.  Well this week the planets and stars lined up so I had a while week off and we traveled all over the place visiting family and my son and I are going to Tennessee to visit my mom again.

   Well this is my truck...
For Christmas my wife got me an accessory for my truck.
 I wasn't expecting it, so I was really surprised, and my son was really excited since he was the one that suggested the accessory.  Well we had a couple of hours to fill after coming back from "Waffle House" for Brunch, that my son suggested that we try to install it.   The Spousal unit wanted to go to the 4:50 movie, so  I was "Sure" we can try it.  So my son did most of the work with my talking him through it.  He was really excited about it, my brother has given him a tool set from "Husky" and a really cool wooden box that my brother and sister-in-law made for him.  We were using his tools mostly and he really enjoyed the experience.

 My Son was under the truck putting on the brackets and I was prepping the "Bull bar" on the table.  We had the truck on some ramps and my son really enjoyed using the creeper to zip from one end to the other.

The Truck looks different with the bull bar on the truck.  The Truck as seen a lot of love the past month.
     We then went to the movies and watch "Wreck it Ralph-Ralph Wrecks the internet.".  It is a cartoon and we have a tradition that we go to the movies on Christmas. and I happen to like cartoons..
My son and I will be headed to Tennessee in the morning and stopping at "Waffle House" on the way...of course.
    I was sending "Merry Christmas" Texts to many people and I kept getting the word "Garand" in my word selection....I wonder if Baby Jesus is telling me something...


  1. A belated Merry Christmas to you. Glad to hear that you finally got to take off on Christmas and Christmas Eve. I was in the same boat many years ago in the chemical lab where I worked, but only on the Eve. We were always closed on Christmas day. After a while I was there enough years have enough seniority to take vacation for the whole week between Christmas and New Years. It was nice since my daughter was off school during that time and we got to spend the week together and visit family. After she got a lot older and wanted to visit her friends I let the youngsters at work take off and I would man the lab. They seemed to really appreciate it, too. It was kind of nice going in to work with the place being fairly empty and no lab managers around. Made it a lot easier to get things accomplished........

    While it's not a cartoon, here is a link to one of my favorite Christmas movies. It's not well known since it was a BBC-TV production. Funny and heartwarming:


  2. Hey Taminator;

    Thank you for the Christmas wishes, It is nice to finally get some seniority and get some time off. I understand being on night shift like I was more work was completed at night because the bosses were home not interfering with the work flow.


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