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Saturday, December 29, 2018

More After Christmas stuff

On December 26th, My son and I headed to Tennessee to visit my mom and pops near Sevierville,  I have been away from work for a week as a chemtrail technician and we have spent the week traveling.  Last week down in Florida, I was hoping to make a run to Pensacola to visit the museum where I can see the storied history of Navy Aviation and Old NFO. who have been in service together for a mighty looong time....and they let you touch the airplanes...Did I say that they let you touch the airplanes......?

We had picked up a little souvenir for my Brother, he and my sister in law are consummate pranksters and it always is good to see them.   The Flamingo just screamed Florida Christmas to me so we got it.
     We were down there and just before we left, I placed the gaudy flamingo in their immaculate rock garden.
My SIL embraced the tackiness, like I said, they are good people and have a warped sense of humor
Well anyway, we returned home Christmas Eve, had family come over from the Spousal units side of the family and on Christmas day we did the stuff I blogged about.  Then the day after Christmas, My son and I headed to Tennessee..While we were there, I visited my favorite place up there, the Smokey Mountain Knife works.  I wanted to pick up a couple of blades for work and I like browsing.  I did pick up a patch for Mack, since he is starting at a new place, and I figured he needed to be up to speed with the all the new tacticool gear so I got him a patch so he would blend in with the rest of the staff.
Mack's new patch

Man we are tired, a lot of traveling.  I am looking forward to work just to catch my breath.
Why they call it the "Smokey Mountains"
We drove back and it seemed that we spent a lot of time in the truck, My son learned a lot of patience and well how can I say ahh unique driving patterns driving during rush hours in Atlanta....I kept having flashbacks to driving in the Middle East.  Well we got home and this morning we had to go to visit my buddy Mack to pick up my new rifle.   
The Rifle on my chair.
 .357 caliber or .38 SPL
Henry Repeating Arms
.And the 
following quote from the company website.
"Back when the West was still wild and the rifle was the tool of choice for survival and frontier justice, the venerable .44-caliber put more meat on the table and outlaws in the ground than any other bullet.
The West may have been tamed and fenced long ago, but its unbridled spirit lives on in this line of traditional big-bore Henry rifles.
Choose from .44 Magnum, .45 Colt, .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, and .327 Federal Magnum. All are SASS approved so Cowboy Action shooters who enjoy stepping back to that bygone era can use them in competition.
Don’t let the retro look fool you, these rifles are much more than shootin’ irons for today’s new breed of cowboy.
They’re also the unbeatable choice of big-game hunters who prefer the traditional look, feel, reliability and accuracy that comes from an authentic Henry rifle.
The traditional 20″ octagonal barrel is outfitted with a classic fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight with a reversible white diamond insert and a brass beaded front sight. The tubular magazine tops off at 10 rounds.
Both the straight-grip stock and forearm are crafted of select American walnut accented with a brass barrel band and Henry’s recognizable brass receiver. All have that crisp, smooth action that sets an authentic American-made Henry apart from other lever action rifles on the range and in the woods today.
The .44 Magnum rifle can shoot .44 special rounds, the .357 Magnum rifle can shoot .38 special rounds, and the .327 Federal Magnum rifle can also shoot .32 H&R."

    I picked up the rifle from Mack's Place and presented him with the new patch to start his new "tacticool" uniform at his soon to be new place of employment at the big city gun store, range and emporium.
He looks totally thrilled, LOL

We got ready to head out and I asked him if he was cool with a pic with my son and Mack said "Sure!", 
Harry and Mack
Just for funsies I decided to pull up a couple more pics of Harry and Mack...
 Harry and Mack on his last day as a "Professional Scouter"
and finally this pic...
Harry at the end and Mack at an "Order of the Arrow Function".a couple of years earlier..I kinda feel bad for Mack, he has had to put up with me for a long time...well actually I don't feel bad.

   We got home and since the day was much nicer than expected, Harry and I took the Outside Christmas decorations down and since the day was still nice, I took a quick motorcycle ride

   I enjoyed the time off, but I am ready to go to work, for no other reason than to get a break.

   I am totally looking forward to going to the range and shooting the rifle :)


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