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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Some goings on at Casa De Garabaldi and a couple of musings...

As those of you know that read my little corner of the internet, I went to a scouting event last week, I had gone to banquet and I gotten an award and I was surprised to get something because I don't do what I do for rewards, especially with Boy Scouts.

I and my son had come back from that event late and I wasn't feeling good so I went to work on Sunday then as soon as I came home Sunday evening, went straight to bed, that is why "Monday Music" wasn't up.  And since I work 12 hour days per my schedule I couldn't get anything up until Wednesday.  I like blogging but I like sleeping more.  

 Difference between Silverstars and the LED
A couple of weeks ago I replaced my headlights on my F150, well my luck ran true to form, the drivers side burned out 2 weeks after I switched them.  I handled the bulbs with gloves to leave no residue.  Well after pricing the cost of new Silverstars at $64 bucks at Advance, I decided to see what Amazon had and while I was looking I saw the price for LED headlights at $29.99 and I figured I would give it a chance, well I ordered them, and then decided go ahead and replace the side marker lights while I was in that area.
It is a bit brighter than the Silverstars are, the light pattern is a bit different, I don't have to use High beam very much,  And it is a plug in into the factory harness.
It does look different, all told the combined Modification cost me $112ish...
We also had our run off election last week, and I did my part as a responsible citizen of the republic and voted.

People have died to give me a voice in the functions of government.  I want all the legal votes to count.  As long as people believe that they have a say, they will forgo violence.  When people start believing that the elections are being stolen usually by the democrats, then they will quit participating in the safety valve known as "Voting".   I am concerned, the elections shouldn't have been as close as it was, the democrats pulled out all the stops to "Find more ballots" that just happen to support their candidates.   They don't realize the damage they are doing to the body politic in their quest to win power at all cost.

    You know the "psycho girlfriend" meme..the one you see on Facebook and twitter,you know the one.....has been replaced...by a newcomer that has been a hit with the democratic socialist, marxist, commie Pinko, left wing of the democratic party...Apparently having one of "your pets" turn on you and kick you out of office despite you being "woke" enough to survive 10 terms is quite a feat and shocking to the now defeated 10 term democratic congresscritter from New York, but the newcomer is of Puerto-rican descent and she parlayed her demographic and her ability to peddle snake oil speak in the latest group-speak of the young democrats.
  Her Meme's are very popular because they show her ignorance, but she was able to defeat a 10 term congresscritter and that isn't an easy thing.  People underestimate her because of her ditziness, but underestimate her at your own risk,  She represents a large swath of demographics that believe like she does and are just as educated.  The people on the right ridicule her but I also remember the ridicule Trump got from the left and his base stood with him and it was a badge of honor for him and his base of deplorables.   It will be the same for her, underestimate her at your risk.  She has a lot of support like Soros and other big money liberals and she is very personable and her logic makes sense to her base who view her as the up and coming star of the democratic party.  I can see her running for President in a few years....Hell it worked for Obama and she isn't as arrogant as he is.
     We got the Christmas decorations up, and I drafted the kid to help with the decorations and he was thrilled like a root canal but I told him "I don't want to do this either but it needs to be done so suck it up and deal with it."  And he didn't complain and actually helped me do it.


  1. Interesting mods on the headlights. I tried swapping my Ranger's bulbs for something brighter two years ago, and only did one side cuz it showed no improvement. Now I'm wondering if there's an LED upgrade I can slip in. The Ranger's lights are dim compared to my other vehicles. And dim doesn't work well here in the mountains.

    1. Hey Doug;

      It is just a plug in to the factory plug. The company name is "Auxbeam". So far I am very happy with it. The cost is $29.99 for the set. You may have to adjust the headlight beam. What I did was make a mark on the garage door where the original beam hits, then install the new lights and see where the beam hits, it is easy to adjust the lens assembly to where you need to aim it.


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