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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Latest at Casa De Garabaldi

 What has been going one is this...I had gotten my A&P back in 2019 and was hoping to get a promotion at my place of employment.  I have been repairing airplanes under FAR 145 repairman certificate under my employers repair station certificate.  I interviewed for several jobs and got one, and the day I was to get it my employer dropped a hiring freeze due to Covid exactly a year ago so I had to wait.  Well a year later several AMT jobs came open so I immediately applied for one and GOT IT!   Big promotion and pay raise.  

   Well I brought donuts to work and my spousal unit made a dessert casserole to take.  The funny thing about donuts is that they are currency...in Prison it is cigarettes...In the Boy Scout world it is Boy Scout patches and in the my employer's world ...it is Donuts....I personally didn't partake of any because of my weight loss program...and yes I am doing well at it but I made my "Work With's" happy with the donuts that I brought in plus the dessert casserole my wife made...It was made with cinnamon rolls and apple pie filling....well they also hit that thing like a shark through a surfer..

  This pic was taken in the Leads office....Like I said...It was gone by first break.   It is tradition for newly promoted mechanics to bring something in to celebrate an event.....or if you are late to work for work, you bring in donuts for the crew and the lead don't dock your pay. 
      Now as my long time readers know, I drive a 1999 F150 to work and that truck is my "Precious" as I call her.  She is very reliable and I know everything about that truck because I am the one that works on her well I had decided to take a portion of my raise and buy a newer commuter car to spare the wear and tear on the Truck especially with the cost of gas climbing like it is and I believe it will be $3.00 by summer.  I started looking for something newer and that gets good gas mileage and has to be a Ford, I am a Ford guy you know.

   Well I found this cherry 2017 Ford Focus with 40,000 miles on the car and at a great deal.  Car was a one owner Lease return and loaded with pretty much all the options except Leather seats.   I spent 2 days going back and forth after work traveling to the other side of the city to line up the paperwork because I wouldn't use their finance people but my credit union to finish the financing.  Not that I don't trust dealership financing but I have heard too many shady crap involving them.    I had put $$$ down and financed 2 years. And this is my 3rd Focus and the first 2 were stellar cars, my 2005 was slayed by Bambi, my 2010 was killed by a Tahoe., they never laid down on me so I have high expectations of this car.

     The New Ride next to my 99 F150

       And Finally a pithy thought about the Xiden Presidency...



  1. This post turtle has a name.. How did he get up there, what is he doing there?

    1. Hey Unknown;

      Yep the Post turtle has a name, LOL

  2. Congrats! And good luck with the new vehicle!

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      Thank you and Thank you:), I wanted to drive to Texas with the car in April, but the spousal unit xnayed the idea, so I am flying.

  3. Congrats on the promotion.

    Why does that post turtle look like Jerry Ford?

    1. Hey Kurt;

      Thank you, and I wondered about that...but it is supposed to be Xiden, LOL, Artistic license I suppose.

  4. Congratulations on your recent purchase.
    I really enjoyed the "guns of Grenada" piece by the way.


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