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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The Biden Conundrum

 I got this in my email last week and it is a really good article.  I sometimes use Bill OReilly on my blogpost if he has something that I really like and something that I figure that my readers will like.  When Bill got canned, I knew this was the start of the leftward shift of Fox Network, they went after Hannity afterwards, but he was forewarned and had really good lawyers and made them look like idiots. where Bill was ambushed.  I wonder if Bill would ever return or I think he stays where is because he has more autonomy.

The Biden Conundrum

After six weeks in office, President Biden has not yet held a press conference, but his spokeswoman promises one at the end of this month.  That’s nice as a free country deserves to occasionally hear from the guy running it.

There is no question that Mr. Biden appears befuddled at times but, remember, he held his own in two debates with Donald Trump just a few months ago.  So, it’s hard to evaluate the 78-year-old President’s mental capacity in any kind of responsible way.

Having written “Killing Reagan,” I know about cognitive decline in the White House.  After President Reagan was almost killed by an assassin’s bullet, he was in and out mentally for a time.  Some days he simply could not do the job and there was quiet talk among some of his senior staff of exploring the 25th amendment.  That allows for temporary or permanent removal of a president if he or she is unable to function effectively.

In the book, we document what happened in Ronald Reagan’s first term and how it was kept from the public. Eventually, President Reagan made a stunning comeback.

Today, some anti-Biden pundits believe old Joe is being set up for removal using the 25th amendment, but I don’t see that. The President has been exceedingly accommodating to the progressive movement so why would the ardent leftists, who control almost all access to Mr. Biden, want him gone?

At this point, President Biden is supporting the Green New Deal, quasi-open borders, massive, pork-laden spending, and higher taxes.  This is like a greatest hits album for leftists.  So, there will be no “Joe Must Go” chanting by progressives.  No way.  Joe must stay because he’ll do exactly what they tell him to do.

The chief domestic advisor to President Biden is the infamous Susan Rice.  She of Benghazi fame when, speaking on behalf of the Obama administration, misled the world about the Libyan terror attack that killed the U.S. Ambassador.  Ms. Rice is also a major pal of Michelle and Barack Obama. Believe me when I tell you that Ms. Rice is the exact opposite of befuddled.  She is laser-locked into changing the United States.  She wants to impose a paradise of equity, where certain groups of Americans get special treatment and government perks courtesy of everyone else. 

Joe B. is absolutely on board with that even though it’s possible he might not understand what it all means.

The Biden administration is not going to end well. I could be wrong, but I don’t see perspicacious leadership in the Oval Office.  I see a figurehead who may be unable to calculate the consequences of his policies. Does Joe understand Americans are paying a lot more for gas since Inauguration Day?  Is he processing that thousands of undocumented foreign nationals, some with Covid, are now crossing the southern border? 

Does Joe know that his “green” envoy, John Kerry, is in the pocket of the Iranians?

It would stun me if Joe Biden is actually aware that after six weeks, a number of bad things have happened in this country. Maybe he’ll be asked about all that in his end of March press conference. 

But knowing the White House press corps, I kind of doubt it.

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