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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Some Quick things at Casa De Garabaldi

     I went to Academy with my son to look for a sling attachment for his Czech pump shotgun he has because he is going Turkey hunting. and toting a shotgun for several hours will get old.  I didn't tell him about me having to carry an M16 at "Patrol Ready" or the old version of it anyway for hours while walking around because I didn't want to bust his bubble.  

     Well Anyway while we were there I bought some 7.62.54R for the Nagant,(Urra Rodina) and since my son is 18, I had him buy a couple of boxes also.  Academy had some 338 lapua and they had a bit of 7.62X39, I think i may need to buy an AK variant next because there seems to be ammo for that or I could build an AR for that caliber although I can see the purist hissing in disapproval.

     I was messing around and saw the weather report and decided to clean up my garage so I can squeeze the car inside the garage.  I had to take 2 weeks vacation.  I had discovered that I could not roll over my excess vacation due to COVID like I thought and my renewal window was in April, like the early part of April and what isn't used is lost.  So I immediately dropped 2 weeks of vacation on the spot right under the window.  I am glad I caught it or I would have lost it and have been really pissed. but anyway...here is the car outside...

I apent a couple hours throwing crap away, moving the kids fishing stuff around and rearranging and moving the motorcycle...and was successful.

   The 2017 is bigger than my 2010 Focus, this pic was taken back in 2015 after an infrequent icestorm.

To show how close the car is to the motorcycle, I took this pic

That blue thing is a Foam sleeping Pad I used when I was sleeping in the woods, I used it as a buffer to see how close I got to the Motorcycle without "Tagging" the Motorcycle.  the Motorcycle is close to the workbench but we still have access to the "Garage Refrigerator".  

I "borrowed " the Spousal Units "Loofa" as a marker to mark where the windshield was so I would know where to stop in the future.

 The Eyehook where I used to have one where I had a marker at one time for my past Focuses (Foci's) was still there so stringing it up was a piece of cake.

   So it looks "Kinda Gay" but its my garage, and  I'm secure in my manhood so I will flounce back in my house thank you very much.


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