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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Death of Fairness in America


Here is another Bill O'Reilly article.  A part of me is enjoying seeing Governor Andrew Cuomo get roasted on these allegations after all the crap that he has pulled, to see another holier than thou democrat governor get nailed is politically satisfying, however Bill does have a point when the truth takes a second place to politics and hysteria we need to take a step back.  We are supposed to be better than the donks, but the donks play to win at all cost and they usually do and that is the problem especially when they have the lapdog media on their side and the only thing trumping (Pardon the pun) on the intersection politics of the left for a leftie is the #metoo movement and the only thing higher is the LGBTQ movement.  Andrew Cuomo is a leftist, but he is a white dude...and  represents the patriarchy so he is toast. 

The Death of Fairness

All rational human beings have one thing in common: we are disappointed when treated unfairly.  The doctrine that people should be given protection from malice and persecution is the essence of Judeo-Christian tradition.  You must not bear false witness against another person. You are compelled to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Totalitarian societies laugh at those tenets.  China persecutes anyone it wants. The Soviet Union seized the personal property of tens of millions.  Nazi Germany murdered innocent men, women, and children based on ethnicity.

Many Americans believe that this country should be united against unfair treatment and, throughout history, we have vanquished brutal countries that rejected “fairness.” That is absolutely true.  Millions of Americans have been killed defending the persecuted.

However, our government was not fair to various groups including African and Native Americans.  That is documented.

However again, The United States has tried to correct historical and contemporary wrongs and that is documented as well.  Fairness is the driving force in civil rights and other corrective legislation, and most Americans continue to support an equal shot for all citizens to pursue happiness.

But, and this is big, fairness is now being brutalized in the USA.

Donald Trump was not treated fairly by the media.  It doesn’t matter whether you like the former President or not.  If you don’t understand that Trump was denied any kind of balanced evaluation, then you, yourself, are not capable of fair assessment.

Andrew Cuomo now stands accused. There is no doubt that his foolish nursing home order led to Covid deaths.  But on the “misbehavior” front, the Governor is being denied the most essential part of American justice: due process.  Cowardly politicians are convicting him on allegations and press headlines.   But as any fair person knows, it is not unheard of for accusations to be exaggerated and orchestrated. 

Ironically, Cuomo, himself, denied due process to Brett Kavanaugh and others.  It is fair to point that out - but unfair to deny Cuomo an investigation into the current controversy even if he is a hypocrite.

Here’s the truth which is imperative to any society that respects fairness.  The cancel culture is unfair.  “Believe all women” is unfair.  Taking skin color into account for anything is unfair.  Allowing millions of foreign nationals to break immigration law is unfair; change the law if it’s pernicious.

Denigrating heroes like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln is unfair. Persecuting non-liberal teachers and students is unfair.  Forcing people of faith to contribute financially to abortions is absolutely a violation of fairness as well as morality.  You would think President Biden might have processed that at weekly mass.

Here’s more truth.  Failure to speak out against unfair behavior because you are frightened that you may then be treated unfairly - will absolutely destroy the fabric of a just American society.  The folks need to condemn the cancel abomination.

I hope you agree that is a fair assessmen


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