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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Eating Crow....The media

We saw a couple of days ago when Mr. Trump made a point of ignoring a CNN reporter after CNN tried to substantiate a fan fiction that was pushed by buzzfeed as a hack job on the President Elect..

The backstory is that a hack outfit called "buzzfeed" published a 35 page report that was a fiction created by some place called 4chan and it talks about that Trump paid hookers to urinate on a bed that was slept on by Obama.  Well it was total fabrication to use a polite word and buzzfeed ran it and CNN linked the story.  Needless this came out right before Trump's first press conference after he won the election.    He was rightfully pissed and made a point to ignore the CNN reporter.

Well Neil Cavuto made a comment to CNN "How does it feel to be dismissed CNN".  President Obama has been dismissing Fox news and feuding with Fox for 8 years.  The other networks have been used to soft-balling questions to the ruling establishment and having access and of course they disseminate the party line to the people in flyover country. 

   The problem is the media is seeing themselves as the voice of the resistance now rather than actual journalist.  They totally went into the tank for Hillary, from feeding their questions to her campaign in advance to help her cause to totally tilting the coverage between Trump and Hillary.  I remember when Trump talked bout "grabbing some P***Y", there was like 28 minutes of coverage of that and like 3 minutes of Hillary and her classified emails.   This is a big part that cost the media their credibility and the average American really could see their bias for it was always talked about in the conservative side and it was in the past dismissed as "paranoia" but this last election cycle the bias was so blatant that the average American saw it. 

  Like I said, the media views themselves as the voice of the resistance against Trump .  The shock of their idol Hillary being defeated really rattled them to the core and all the protest from the liberals have given them hope and they are trying to delegitimize Trumps election, kinda like what they did to "W" on his first term after Gore tried to sandbag him in Florida.  Now we are seeing this on a grand scale with Trump.   I don't know what it is with Liberals, when Obama got elected, I and other conservatives were not happy but we didn't try to shank his presidency until we saw the damage he was trying to do.  We gave him the benefit of the doubt and respected the electorial process, but the liberals are not doing the same.

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  1. They don't like the 'consequences' of losing...