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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Years day and a party yesterday...

Happy New Year to my fellow bloggers and readers, I hope 2017 is a bit less interesting than 2016 was.  

Although the father time kinda looks like Old NFO and pushing the analogy, the baby can be Jace, his grandson, lol

    Yesterday we said good bye 2016, a very tumultuous year, I was really concerned that the PIAP* would get elected and we would be continue to pursue the idiotic policies of that metrosexual in the white house and the doubling down of the stupid further inflaming the people in "flyover" country with the predictable results.
*Pig in a pantsuit

   Yesterday we went to my friend "Mac" going away party at camp.  Mac has been a regular fixture at camp for years with the exception of getting activated and deployed to A-Stan.

 Mac and Father time Old NFO

  Mac was medically retired as a Army Officer a Capt due to injuries suffered by an IED.  Mac is a class act and a straight up nice guy and I am honored to know him.   Mac until yesterday was camp director at my boy scout camp. He was always there to help the scouts out either with camping or at OA events.
This is Mac being "sociable" with the ladies of Frozen, at least that is what he called it...other people called it "no-no" zone.  This was at a "Klondike" event
Mac is known for helping out doing whatever is necessary to help out the troops or the scouts, his knowledge of the camp and the inner workings are legendary.  Here is Mac helping out in the kitchen after an Order of the Arrow event a couple of years when my son was an ordeal member.
 I would call Mac up when I wanted to go shooting,  I liked quiet places where I could shoot at my leisure.  The setup was good, and sometimes Mac would join me to do shooting,
This is Mac shooting my "old School" AR much to his joy, he made some reference to having "Vietnam War" flashbacks from all the movies he had watched.

There was a party thrown at the camp for Mac, who has decided it is time to spend more time with Jackie who is a class act and a real nice girl and go somewhere else that will pay him better.  Face it to work at a scout camp, you gotta love the job but it don't pay very much and in my opinion, he was very underpaid for all that he did.  
 This is Mac and My son who proudly wore that shirt at the party.
A bunch of staffers and some scouters came in to give Mac a proper sendoff and I was glad and honored to attend.  I had asked Mac what he wanted, either ammo or booze and knowing Mac's proclivity for ammo so I brought him this..

   He was appreciative of the libation, and I was pleased to give my friend something that was appreciated as a "thank you" for all that he has done for me and for the scouts.  He will be missed at the camp though.

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  1. Jace is gonna be 'busy'... Just sayin' And yes, Mac is good people and a loss to Scouting in your area. Best wishes for 2017 to you and yours, Mr. G!


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