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Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Music "simply Irresistable" by Robert Palmer and a bonus video

I have been busy at work and dealing with stuff this week that relates to my job, I will mention it once I know I am good:).  This song popped up in my Sirius XM Billboard 1989 hits and it was near the top.  The music is kinda like an earworm...it sticks in your head.  Personally I liked "addicted to Love" better but both are real good songs and they showcase the 80's quite well.  Robert Palmer passed on in 2003 due to cardiac arrest in Paris, I remembered it came as a shock. because to us he wasn't "old" he represented the 80's quite well.  Besides my adding the "Simply Irresistible" video, I also added the "Addicted to Love".  As I recall the feminist movement had a stroke back then about the video's..I wonder how bad it would be today in the "snowflake Generation."

"Simply Irresistible" is the first single released by English rock singer Robert Palmer from the 1988 studio album Heavy Nova and is presented in one of the most distinctive and memorable music videos of the 1980s.
In 1988, the song reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart (behind "Sweet Child o' Mine" by Guns N' Roses) and was #1 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for three weeks. It also earned Palmer his second Grammy Award the following year, and the song was nominated for the Brit Award for Best British Single.
Along with "Addicted to Love" and "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On", "Simply Irresistible" is among Palmer's most recognized songs, in part because of the iconic music video by renowned British fashion photographer Terence Donovan, famously parodied in a Pepsi commercial in 1989, which in turn was parodied again in another Pepsi commercial during Super Bowl XXXVI featuring Britney Spears, and in 2014 it was parodied in Ingrid Michaelson's single "Girls Chase Boys".

The videos show Palmer surrounded by enigmatic women, styled in the manner of the artist Patrick Nagel. The video featured the leading supermodels and leading dancers that he met while visiting the Kentucky Derby (Karen Aubrey McElfresh, Kim Jones and Cheryl Day); Donovan's lighting and direction set the style for that era of music videos.
"Simply Irresistible" later appeared in the 1999 Tony Award-winning musical Contact. It later featured in the 2000 cult drama picture American Psycho. The song was recently used in the 2013 animated special Madly Madagascar and in the video game Saints Row IV, as well as the show Happy Endings.

"Addicted to Love"
The 1986-produced music video (which uses the shorter single version of this song), directed by British photographer Terence Donovan, was one of the most iconic of the era. The video features Palmer performing the song with an abstract "band", being a group of female models whose pale skin, heavy makeup, dark hair and seductive, rather mannequin-like expression follow the style of women in Patrick Nagel paintings.
The five models in the video are Julie Pankhurst (keyboard), Patty Kelly (guitar), Mak Gilchrist (bass guitar), Julia Bolino (guitar), and Kathy Davies (drums).
Mak Gilchrist recalled to Q magazine:
"I was 21 and got the part on the strength of my modelling book. We were meant to look and 'act' like showroom mannequins. Director Terence Donovan got us tipsy on a bottle of wine but as we were having our make-up retouched, I lost balance on my heels and knocked the top of my guitar into the back of Robert’s head, and his face then hit the microphone."


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