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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Short Pithy Post...President Trump Rally in Tulsa Oklahoma

I listened to the speech, it lasted for almost 2 hours and it was a good President Trump Campaign speech with his usual humdingers against the lying media and his stories about the ramp at West Point were hilarious!

I have been doing a lot of Pithy Post lately...

Today there Is a major  Rally in Tulsa Oklahoma for President Trump, Oklahoma is a Very Red State for President Trump, Tulsa is a Pretty safe location for a rally normally, but this isn't normal times. This is his first one after the "Kung-Flu" hit the Country.  After the various media outlets were quiet during the riots and looting and saying that it was "acceptable" for "social distance to be excused for Social justice reasons" all of a sudden were having the vapors about President Trump having a rally.  I guess if it wasn't for double standards, there would be no standards I suppose.....

Here is a clip of the National Guard moving out to positions around the convention hall.  If Antifa/Anarchist/BLM can bus enough people in, they can disrupt his rally and harass his supporters, it would be huuuge moral boost for the left and hurt the supporters of the President at the Same time.  The National Guard is called out because there has been a track record of local police being reluctant to interfere with agitators and troublemakers by orders of the mayors and the chief of Police who tend to support the left wing agitators, with and the supporters of the president being beaten up outside of the convention hall and in Chicago then candidate Trump was forced to leave the podium because of outside forces.  If they can force him to flee, it will signal major weakness to the world of a sitting President and potentially cripple his reelection campaign like what happened to Bush Senior at the Townhall when he looked at his watch and that swung the momentum in 1992.

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