The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Friday, October 23, 2020

Some Musings and thoughts......

 I ran across this video and it is really powerful.

Apparently the Biden/Harris campaign decided to bring out the gun control issue close to the election after seeing record gun sales because people seeing their cities being destroyed by leftist agitators and the police unable to stop them forced many people to realize for the first time that they are responsible for their own defense.  My good friend, the purveyor of gun knowledge, lover of plastic fantastic and aficionado of hooter calendars and all around good guy Mack  had been reporting record sales at his establishment from newbie gun buyers.  The newest thing the Biden people are pushing is registration of all AR pattern rifles, $200 per rifle, plus magazines plus ammo and put it all under the NCA which was the gun control act that was pushed through in 1934 that made machine guns illegal.  I really thought the democrats would realize that gun control was a dead issue the next few year, after watching their fellow foot solders of Soros run rampant through all these blue cities kinda pushed that point home. Now they are doubling down on stupid and pushing this.  Many people know that registration leads to confiscation and they ain't going to register nothing......I remember a line from a Soviet Dissident in the 1930's during the Purges when Stalin's NKVD, his secret police was hauling people out of their homes in the middle of the night, and 1/4 of the population of Leningrad vanished into the Gulag system or just "vanished", he made a quote that would be appropriate here...

Also Robert Reich the Former Clinton labor Commissioner wants to form a "Reconciliation Commission" after the election should Biden win to punish then integrate Trump supporters back into society....this really gives me the chills.  When did we start taking lessons from 3rd world banana republic and Pol Pot?.  This is frightening stuff, We cannot have a dissenting opinion from the liberalgrouphivethink without being punished for it? This is the anthesis of Freedom?   We fought several wars over this kinda stuff.  Then to have someone want to set up a commission to punish their fellow Americans for having a different opinion?  You want to Kick off a Boogaloo, this will kick off a boogaloo.  Americans are nastier at war than anybody else.  You start wanting to punish your neighbors? Sent them off to a camp? take their stuff as "Reparation's"?   You know how that is going to go..

You betcha sport, your fellow citizens ain't going to willingly step into the boxcar, the cattlecar, the bus to go to a camp to be "reeducated".  I really don't see that happening, good luck with that thought..

 Meanwhile the Hunter Biden Emails have hit the news and the Mainstream Media has done a stellar job of....

Pretty much.........Now if it had been anything on President Trump?....It would have been Front Page News and dominating the news cycle....and more people are realizing the bias and the reputation of the news media is hovering around used car salesman and telemarketers. 

Yep Farcebook and Twatter shot themselves in the foot, they tried to shield their chosen candidate and did it so poorly like a bull in a china shop it literally blew back on them so that even the leftist that ain't suffering from TDS are pissed at them because they know that if those organizations will choke down a story like that, what other stories have been throttled down in the past that people don't know about...it has opened a can of worms that the ham fisted tech companies screwed the pooch in their zeal to stick it to the "hated cheeto man". 

Like I said, the Election is coming closer and you will have to choose....

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