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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Which WWII Helmet design was better?

My 1980's M-1 pattern Helmet, the same style since WWII.  I have blogged about Helmets before.  It is a very identifying way to show who a soldier belonged to.

The question of how effective helmets were and which were most effective initially arose in World War I. This was one of the first wars to feature airplanes, heavy use of artillery, tanks, and massive trench warfare.
The helmet became particularly important as huge artillery pieces were used to soften positions in rolling barrages before soldiers stormed the trenches.
Artillery could use various types of shells like anti-personnel and fragmentation shells that could rain metal on the heads and shoulders of soldiers in the trenches.

Otto von Bismarck wearing a cuirassier officer’s metal Pickelhaube.
Otto von Bismarck wearing a cuirassier officer’s metal Pickelhaube.
The Germans started the war largely using their Pickelhaube or spiked helmets. These were visually impressive, but they were hard boiled leather and did little to stop bullets and shrapnel. The spikes actually made the soldiers easier to identify and target.
The German scientist Dr. Friedrich Schwerd designed the Stahlhelm, a helmet made of heated steel that covered the head and neck much better. It was loosely based on the sallet from the medieval period.
.Austro-Hungarian soldiers at the Isonzo front with Stahlhelms.
Austro-Hungarian soldiers at the Isonzo front with Stahlhelms.
After the Stahlhelm’s adoption by stormtrooper units and the general army at the Battle of Verdun, casualties due to shrapnel dramatically decreased, some historians estimating by as much as 70%.
Through 1940 and World War II, minor modifications were made to increase the durability and efficiency of the helmet while lowering the cost. The helmet became the distinctive feature of the German army through the war.
German Stahlhelm from World War II. Photo by DavidC88888888 CC BY-SA 4.0
German Stahlhelm from World War II. 
 Variations of the helmet are still in use today. It was a simple but effective tool for dealing with the shrapnel of modern warfare and set a high bar for other models.
The French and British both saw the need for a helmet and fielded their own models in 1915. The British inventor John Leopold Brodie produced the most effective helmet.
Illustrated War News Nov 1915, a picture of officers wearing new Brodie helmets.
Illustrated War News Nov 1915, a picture of officers wearing new Brodie helmets.
It was constructed in one piece by pressing one thick sheet of steel. This made it more durable and cheaper to build than both the French and German models. It was loosely based on the medieval kettle hat and has a distinctive wide brim.
This was also used in the interwar period and part of World War II. Improvements included adding a better liner for the helmet and a stretchy chin strap until it was replaced by the M1 during World War II.
M1917 helmet worn by members of the 13th Marine Regiment (United States).
M1917 helmet worn by members of the 13th Marine Regiment (United States).
The M1 consisted of a hard outer shell that removed the wide brim of the Brodie, which soldiers complained was too sharp and light-reflective. It also had inner netting that could be adjusted to fit the helmet. It included two hooks for chin straps.
U.S. Army Infantryman in 1942 wearing a Brodie helmet.
U.S. Army Infantryman in 1942 wearing a Brodie helmet.

There are no direct studies of which helmet was “best” and it often comes down to a matter of taste. The wide-brimmed Brodie tends to lose out to the Stahlhelm’s sleek look. A more definitive factor is how long they were in use.
The British Brodie was phased out in favor of the M1 and models based on it.
The Stahlhelm is still in use today which suggests it still has substantial value. The Stahlhelm has a harder shell as its production used a different process to make it tougher (but also more difficult to produce).
M1956 East German Stahlhelms. Photo Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-N1007-0009 / CC-BY-SA 3.0
M1956 East German Stahlhelms. Photo Bundesarchiv, Bild 
The M1 made a trade-off in that it has a slightly less hard shell than the Stahlhelm but has much better lining and padding inside the helmet. This helped paratroopers or anybody else receiving a concussion from bumping their head or having debris from artillery land on them.
Not only did it reduce head trauma, it also helped to save the soldier from shrapnel wounds.
Air Raid Warden Village at War Weekend 2012, Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire. Photo by ozz13x CC BY 2.0
Air Raid Warden Village at War Weekend 2012, Stoke Bruerne,

Given the start of the helmet as a way to avoid shrapnel wounds in World War I, and the tendency of wars after World War II to be more low-intensity counterinsurgencies, the helmet that provides a good balance of protection from artillery as well as bumps seems the more useful.
In the final analysis, the Stahlhelm gets the advantage in World War II due to its harder shell, but ultimately loses out to the M1 which has a more useful balance of features relating to the different needs arising after World War II.


Friday, November 15, 2019

The U.S. Army has a Unmanned Tank..

Unmanned tanks have been a staple of SciFi for generations.  Now fantasy is reality.  I remembered reading about unmanned tanks and BOLO's

The US Army has a new robotic tank. Called the Ripsaw M5, the remote-controlled drone replaces the manned Ripsaw MS2 tank which could hit a maximum of 60 miles per hour with its 600 horsepower engine.
The M5 is intended to be used alongside manned tanks and other combat units. It is configurable to be used for support, combat, and surveillance missions.
It can carry an R80D Skyraider quacopter drone which can reach an airspeed of 31 miles per hour, carry up to 4.4 pounds and stay in the air for up to 50 minutes. The Skyraider has optical and infrared cameras.
Ripsaw M5 armed with the CROWS-J anti-tank missile launcher and launching a R80 Skyraider tethered UAV.
The M5 also carries an SUGV unmanned ground robot with a manipulator arm that can climb stairs. It can be used to explore buildings and to peep around corners with a retractable surveillance turret.
Officially called a “Robotic Combat Vehicle,” the M5 is heavily armored and can be outfitted with a variety of cannons. This gives it the option of using the standard 30-millimeter Mk. 44 Bushmaster II autocannon to engage enemy infantry, trucks and armored vehicles. A Javelin anti-tank missile launcher can be outfitted instead to engage enemy tanks. An anti-aircraft missile launcher is also available.

The M5 contains a 360° surveillance turret with optical and night-vision cameras. The turret is the Kongsberg MCT-30 Protector turret which is the same turret used on the Stryker Dragoono infantry combat vehicle.

The M5 can be used to clear mines, destroy improvised explosive devices, or breach obstacles. It has the option to be outfitted with a plow, ground-penetrating radar, or a launcher which can launch ground-clearing charges.
This is the latest in the Ripsaw remote operated tanks. The first was developed by Mike and Geoff Howe, brothers who were stars of the 2010 reality show “Howe & Howe Tech.

The M5 is manufactured by Textron Systems. They debuted the M5 at the 2019 Association of the United States Army exposition in Washington D.C.
Textron Systems CEO Lisa Atherton said that she is confident that the M5 is the “ideal wingman” for the US Army and that the company is prepared to quickly get these vehicles into the field where they are needed.
Mike Howe said that he and his brother founded Howe & Howe Tech in order to safeguard the United States military fighters.
A tethered FLIR R80D SkyRaider drone deployed from a Ripsaw M5(Textron Systems)

The M5 uses sensors from Textron Systems’ partner, FLIR Systems’ Government and Defense business unit. FLIR Systems Representative David Ray stated that his company’s cameras, drones and ground robots provide a tactical edge to the US forces by providing the latest in technology.
The M5 could be used alongside a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle to go ahead and trigger mines or IEDs before the soldiers reach them. It could be used to observe the enemy while the Bradley maneuvers to catch them unaware. If the soldiers are forced to retreat, the M5 could provide cover fire while they escape.

The US Army tested the original Ripsaw designed by the Howe brothers from 2010 to 2017 but never bought them in any significant volume. Textron Systems bought Howe & Howe Tech in October 2018.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Red Storm Rising" The SpearFish Torpedo"

It has been a year or two since I have done a "Red Storm Rising" post,. but what prompted this was the spousal unit and I are watching an episode of JAG  and there was a story about a rogue torpedo and it reminded me of the British "SpearFish". it mentioned the speed of the torpedo in excess of 80 MPH's and that will catch a Alfa Class Submarine and the prototype Papa Class  I had just finished reading "Red Storm Rising"  .  What can I say, I like the book.  Tom Clancy was a warrior Bard in my opinion.  But I digress.

The Spearfish torpedo (formally Naval Staff Target 7525) is the heavy torpedo used by the submarines of the Royal Navy. It can be guided by wire or by autonomous active or passive sonar, and provides both anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface ship warfare (ASuW) capability. Spearfish development began in the 1970s, with production starting in 1988, and deployment in 1992. By 2004, they had completely replaced the older Tigerfish torpedo.

     The torpedo is driven by a pump-jet coupled to a Hamilton Sundstrand 21TP04 gas turbine engine using Otto fuel II and hydroxyl ammonium perchlorate as oxidiser. The addition of an oxidiser improves the specific energy of the fuel by reducing the fuel-richness of the Otto fuel. The Spearfish, which are capable of traveling at 80 knots (150 km/h; 92 mph), were designed to catch high-speed, deep-diving Soviet threats such as the Alfa-class submarine. A microprocessor enables the torpedo to make autonomous tactical decisions during the attack. It has a powerful blast warhead, triggered by either contact detonation (against a submarine hull) or an acoustic proximity fuze (for under-keel detonation against ships). A standoff detonation under the keel enhances blast effects against surface ships through the amplification of stress resulting from the interaction of the explosion's products and the flexible structure of the ship.

In a typical engagement, Spearfish will run out wire-guided to the general vicinity of the target and then conduct a covert passive search. The high-capacity guide wire system, specifically designed to match the Spearfish's maneuver and speed envelope, provides two-way data exchange between the torpedo and launch submarine, maximizing the submarine's organic sensor and combat control capabilities.
Once at close range the Spearfish uses active sonar to classify and home in on its target. High-power transmissions and sophisticated signal processing enable Spearfish to accurately discriminate targets from background noise and ensure high resistance to acoustic countermeasures and/or evasive maneuvers
Should Spearfish fail to hit the target on its first attack, it automatically selects an appropriate re-attack mode until it successfully concludes the engagement.

 The production contract for the Spearfish Torpedo was placed with GEC-Marconi Underwater Systems Ltd (now BAE Systems) in 1983, following a development program lasting several years. Spearfish entered full production in 1988.

   I had fun doing this post :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Germany bans "U.S Soldiers" from Checkpoint Charlie

When I first saw this article I was thinking "What the hell...?" until I got reading into it.  Apparently they are "Impersonators" The first thing I thought was "Damm, those uniforms look like crap and they guys have no military bearing".until I realized that they are "Civilians".   I have blogged in the past extensively about Berlin.  the only city that I like better than Berlin was Stuttgart, but I was stationed in that area for 5 years and have fond memories of the city and well most all of my experiences in Germany.  

   I would have loved to have gone through there and have those clowns try to shake me down for money...I remember going through it for real and on the other side were Soviet Soldiers and east German Vopo's. 

Actors have impersonated US soldiers at the site for nearly 20 years. GETTY
Actors have impersonated US soldiers at the site for nearly 20 years. GETTY

Actors wearing US Army uniforms have been banned from posing at Checkpoint Charlie, the famous crossing between East and West Berlin during the Cold War.
According to authorities in the Mille district of Berlin, the actors were demanding money from tourists for photographs at the historic site where Friedrichstrasse and Zimmerstrasse meet.
East and West Berlin were separated by the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1989. Checkpoint Charlie was one of three crossing points in and around the city during that time.
The others were Checkpoint Alpha and Checkpoint Bravo. The three sites were named for the first three letters in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
Checkpoint Charlie connected the American Zone with East Berlin. The American Zone was one of three Allied-controlled zones in West Berlin. Charlie was the only point for foreigners visiting Berlin could cross between the two sides of the wall.
Charlie was famous for a standoff in October 1961 between US and Soviet tanks. It was dismantled in June, 1990, when German reunification was nearly complete. Now it is one of the prime tourist attractions in Berlin.
Germany is celebrating 30 years since the dismantling of the Wall which had been designed to keep residents of communist East Berlin from moving to the democratic West Berlin.
Authorities revoked the performing license for Dance Factory, the group of performers who posed at the checkpoint.
According to the actors, they only accepted voluntary payments for photos and souvenir passport stamps.

Barrack, house in the checkpoint Charlie, middle, Berlin, Germany, Baracke, Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. GETTY.
Barrack, house in the checkpoint Charlie, middle, Berlin, Germany, Baracke, Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. GETTY.
But the city received numerous complaints from tourists about the tactics of the Dance Factory performers. An undercover operation consisting of police officers posing as tourists found that the actors were demanding a €4 ($4.5; £3.5) fee and being verbally abusive to anyone who refused to pay.
The wall came down in November 9th, 1989. GETTY
The wall came down in November 9th, 1989. GETTY
According to Stefanie Kunze, a spokesperson for the Mille district, actors were literally forcing people to pay for pictures with the performers.
Kunze said that the group was never authorized to pose as US soldiers and that police had merely tolerated them until now. She said that the authorities will be monitoring the site and will intervene id any imposter soldiers try to continue working at the checkpoint.

Berlin requires groups that charge money to obtain a permit for their performances.
For over 20 years, actors have posed as US soldiers at the site. Many in Berlin have expressed dissatisfaction with turning the site into a tourist trap. Among other things for sale in the area are fake Soviet Red Army fur hats, gas masks, and pieces of the Berlin Wall.
The location of Checkpoint Charlie today consists of a row of bricks which mark the path of the Wall. A replica of the booth and sign are there but the original booth and sign are now in the Allied Museum in Berlin-Dahlem.

Tom Luszeit, the head of Dance Factory, disputes that figure. He told CBS News that he would be a millionaire if they made that kind of money. He also disputed that any of the performers abused visitors to the site.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Monday Music " Thunderstruck" by AC/DC

I am continuing my series of Songs that if you happen to look out your house exterior camera's and you see this...

    So you grab a CD or an MP3 and load this song into the stereo and get ready....
I normally do "Monday Music" on Monday but yesterday was "Veterans Day" and it didn't seem proper so y'all get "Monday Music on Tuesday....YAY!!!!

    I decided to go with AC/DC "thunderstruck"   This song hit in 1990 while I was in Germany and it was very popular, this was one song that every would play LOUD.  Something about good crunching Heavy Metal Rock and Roll.    When we were in the Gulf, we had dedicated this song to Saddam Hussain and his Republican Guard as they were "Thunderstruck" by the United States Military.

"Thunderstruck" is the first song on the 1990 album The Razors Edge by the hard rock group AC/DC.
The song was released as a single in Germany, Australia, and Japan, and peaked at No. 5 on U.S. the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. In 2010, "Thunderstruck" topped Triple M's Ultimate 500 Rock Countdown in Melbourne, Australia. The top five were all AC/DC songs.
With the exception of new material from an album they are touring behind, this is one of only two songs released after Back in Black that the band still regularly performs live in concert, the other being "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)".

Angus Young stated in the liner notes of the 2003 re-release of The Razors Edge:
It started off from a little trick I had on guitar. I played it to Mal and he said 'Oh, I've got a good rhythm idea that will sit well in the back.' We built the song up from that. We fiddled about with it for a few months before everything fell into place. Lyrically, it was really just a case of finding a good title ... We came up with this thunder thing, based on our favorite childhood toy ThunderStreak, and it seemed to have a good ring to it. AC/DC = Power. That's the basic idea.
The song has sold over a million digital copies since it became available for digital download.

The video which accompanied the single was filmed at London's Brixton Academy on 17 August 1990. The audience members were given free T-shirts with the words "AC/DC – I was Thunderstruck" on the front and the date on the back, and these T-shirts were worn by the entire audience throughout the filming of the video.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Veterans Day 2019

I will postpone My "Monday Music". and post it on Tuesday.  I couldn't "Do" Monday Music on Veterans Day, wouldn't be "proper".

This day was created originally as "Armistice Day" after the "War to end All Wars" and people wanted to honor the veterans from that conflict.  The Day was set as 11/11/11/11th.  Or November which is the 11 month, the 11 day, the 11th hour and the 11th minute.  The day was called "Armistice Day" until after WWII, it then was called "Veterans Day."

There are 3 holidays that honor the United States Armed forces,
  We have Armed Forces Day that honors those that are serving
  We have Memorial Day that honors those that died in service or those of us that crossed over to Valhalla or Fiddlers Green.
 And Veterans Day to me traces its lineage to those of us that stood watch on the borders of our civilization since the days of the Romans standing watch on the Danube to guard the frontier so those of our people could sleep secure at night knowing that they were safe from the bad people.  Veterans like me and those like me presented a blank check to Uncle Sam to write in any amount including our lives if necessary.  We mustered out but we know many of us that didn't make it to this stage and that is where Memorial Day comes in and Veterans day honors those of us that did make it and this day honors us and those like us.  It is a unique category because the veterans in our society is a small segment like a warrior class and Veterans tend to come from family traditions, meaning that it is a father son, uncle cousins nieces, Aunts, moms kinda thing.  This Day humbles me to a great degree because of what it means and I will honor those of us that crossed beyond.  Our job as Veterans is to ensure that the traditions are not forgotten and passed on to the next generations.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Wall Came Down 30 years ago.

Hard to believe that it has been 30 years ago that the wall came down.  It was surreal experience for us.  We were watching TV and it felt like the "Twilight Zone".
Closeup of my Picture
Map of Wall Location
Piece of Wall

This  is a repost of a post that I did back in 2014, it did talk about the fall of the Berlin Wall and my experiences.  When I was talking about the petulant "Boy King" I was referring to President Obama who was president in 2014 not to President Trump who is president now in 2019

I have Blogged about Berlin a lot since I started blogging back in 2011.  I have a connection to that city as I have for Stuttgart.  I remember walking around the city from the West Berlin part to the East Berlin part and how different they were, the vibrant West and the Dour East. 

When the Second World War was finally over, Germany was divided up into four occupation zones among the Allied forces. Berlin was also divided up into four sectors between the USA, the UK, France, and the Soviet Union. Tensions between the Soviets and America, the UK, and France grew strong over the following two years which culminated in the latter three uniting the non-Soviet controlled zones of the city into one to promote reconstruction in post-war Berlin

   As many of y'all that visit my little corner of the internet know that I spent 5 years in Germany, I got there in mid 1986, and DEROS's back to the world in 1991 where I mustered out.  I spent the first 18 months attached to the 1st Infantry Division (FWD) at Cooke Barracks in Geoppingen Germany.  I then transferred to a corp level asset in 1988 at Echterdingen or SAAF(Stuttgart Army Airfield). That is where I was when we got deployed to the Persian Gulf for Desert Shield then Desert Storm.  But I was stationed in Germany when they unified in 1989.
     I will intersperse my experiences with some photo's I took of my souvenirs.  You know what they say about G.I's...."We souvenir anything long time".  My first time in Berlin was in 1987 while I was attached to Wobeck a station near Helmstedt a part of Field Station Berlin.  I took my Mustang down the Helmstedt autobahn, The Helmstedt Autobahn is the only land route that we as Americans can drive through East Germany to Berlin.  We have to use "Flag Orders" to traverse the Autobahn to Berlin.  We would have to stop at 2 Soviet checkpoints.  We would be in class "A's" uniform, get out of the vehicle, present our flag orders to the soviet representative  at Magneburg and at Potsdam.
 This is a copy of a set of flag orders, Mine has my SSN on it and for obvious reasons, I ain't posting that one......
 Well when I went to Berlin, it was  a surreal experience, this is a link of my travels and various postings, West Berlin was a 24 hour party and east Germany was very subdued.  We exercised our rights of travel in East Berlin on a regular basis.  I would walk around and explore the sights.  I saw scaffolding everywhere, like they were rebuilding, but the wood for the scaffolding was dry rotted.  the buildings still had bullet pock marks in the wall when the Soviets took the city in 1945.  If we were hassled by the east Germans we would ask or demand "Ich murste mit eine Soviet Officer mit zum sprechen".  I want to speak to a Soviet officer.  Since the Soviets were in charge of East Berlin and the Western powers were responsible for West Berlin.

     I remembered President Reagan speech in 1987 in West Berlin.

   This is when we had a President that behaved like a President rather than the petulant boy-king we have now.  But when the East Germans were going through Czechoslovakia and Hungary to get to the West and the East German Government started cracking down and we increased out alert status because we had doubts on what the Soviets will do, for in the past they did interfere with protest like they did in East Germany in 1953, Hungary in 1956, and Czechoslovakia in 1968.  Poland almost got invaded by the "Warsaw Pact" in the early 80's during the Solidarity Protest but the Polish government declared martial law and other draconian measures to basically placate the soviets so they didn't get the "assistance" from the Warsaw pact like the other places did.

        When the unrest grew, we increased our surveillance  to see what the Soviets would do.  when the wall started to come down, we were confined to garrison for 2 reasons, one to prevent an incident with an American near the border and in case the Soviets attacked, we would be able to ramp up to a wartime footing.   Luckily such things didn't happen.  But watching the party and celebration on AFN was like being in the twilight zone, we were watching history before our eyes and all we could do was hold on for the ride and hope for the best.
       We started seeing the ""Trabbi's" on the autobahns and nothing like doing 130 MPH's and seeing a trabbi doing 50 mph packed full of "Osters" going to the west to see the sights.
     Well I did collect some souvenirs of my time after the wall fell.
Beer Stein
My flag orders and a "DDR" country tag
A picture of the Brandenburg Tor with British Tanks in front of it.  A "SMLM" ID tag in front of it.
A bunch of my Soviet and East German hats, I got a lot of stuff with some dollars and Western Pron magazines.
The Sector sign that is immortalized.
 East German hat and helmets.
Yes that is a Soviet and East German flag.   My "man-cave" has a lot of stuff from my travels.
    I do want to go back to Berlin and Germany to  see how things have changed.   I hope to do this journey fairly soon and take my son with me and he can see how things were and how things have changed.   We saw some exciting times and were on the fore front of history

Thursday, November 7, 2019

First Arrival..

While I was working, we had a plane show up.....
                                                                         Yep a B-17F
My employer celebrates Veterans Day, we have planes fly in and military equipment shows up.  A-10's F-16's P3 Orions, Hueys, C-47's V-22 Ospreys and many others.  This plane we painted earlier in the year and it was used in a movie that was based on this story.Damaged B-17 escorted Home by a German Fighter.  I had blogged about it a few years ago.  More planes are showing up, but the celebration is tomorrow and I will try to go to work and get some $$Overtime$$ and participate in the ceremony while I am there.  I do have my shadowbox there with my awards.  But I didn't bring my other stuff like I have in the past. 
My Shadowbox from events past.
My Helmet, my LBE, a Soviet, and an East German Flag.  My floppy hat, a East German hat and a Soviet Hat, my shadowbox and a beer stein that I "liberated" from the Octoberfest tent in Munich in 1986.

I will get more pics tomorrow and make a blog post out of them.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A few pithy comments.....

This was the post that I wanted to write yesterday but the spammers hitting my blog yesterday squashed that idea.  And they hit again and again.  I had to enable"Verification".  I hope this helps.   Until yesterday I never dealt with a large scale outbreak,  I have deleted and marked "spam" over 3000 comments since Sunday.  I would get the occasional comment....and that was it.  Yesterday sucked.  I wasn't sure if I could save my content because not only did it hit my blog, it hit my email also because I got notifications on each one of that over 1000 emails show up in my folders.

     Well anyway...We have had a few changed in the democratic lineup the past week..

     We had "Beto" drop out....apparently him threatening to seize AR-15's from middle American didn't traction like he wanted with the democratic base.  I normally don't post AR related stuff on my Facebook page, but I did post this one..

  Kamala Harris is closing campaign offices in several states as her campaign is losing money and she tweeted that "people are not ready for a women and a POC to be president and it is racism".  Funny this is the primaries and her disdain is directed at democratic voters, the Red State people ain't gonna vote for her.

The Clown circus has passes inquiries for impeachment of President Trump, now it has become an official clown circus for the Democrats  Besides the massive waste of time and massive abuses by Schiff, this will screw over the democrats running for President because it will pull them off the campaign trail for a month or 2 leaving "Uncle Joe" to pretty much campaign by himself and he needs the time, he has been battered by the other candidates.  I guess being in government for 40 years and doing nothing of substance except hooking up his kids is noteworthy.

Nancy Pelosi normally a smooth political operator is forced to go along with this charade because the left wing of her party is pushing it.  It will come back to bite the democrats in 2020.  What are they going to do when Trump landslides his election.  There will be no stopping him at that point and the democrat brand will be toxic for a while.
    the Democrats will spend their time going back to the basics....

 On a different note, the report that came out that Jeff Epstein the Millionaire "fixer" who with Bill Clinton and other rich people used his "lolita express" for personal use was murdered not suicide like previously thought, and the Meme's have exploded all over social media..

There are many Meme's that cover's this subject and it is ruining the narrative that he committed suicide.

   And most of them implicate the Clintons....

Word on the street is that Hillary is thinking about throwing herself into the ring to "save the 2020 elections for the democrats".  That would be funny, Trump would beat her like a kettle drum, she couldn't handle the pace last election and she was supposed to be coronated, but this time she would be going on against an elected President with a strong economic record to back what he says.   Word on the street is that she would be a VEEP candidate for Elizabeth Warren.  If that is the case, if Warren gets elected, she better hire a food taster...

      And finally the baddie from ISIS got hisself removed, apparently he was hiding in Syria and the American Special Forces went in there and nailed him...

     The Democrats ate upset that Trump launched the mission without "consulting" with the democrats......Right....sure.....Trump was going to "consult" with the democrats....The same ones trying to impeach him.  I could see someone contacting Baghdadi for no other reason than to ruin it for Trump