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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Some goings on at Casa De Garabaldi

Well Christmas has gone and Santa brought my son a Kayak and some other stuff.
He likes the Kayak and you can fish from it, that is what he really likes from it because he likes to fish.  My dad likes to fish and my son does, but I don't care for it, I guess the fishing gene missed a generation.
He bought some headlights for his truck and we installed them along with some LED lights.
Here he is moving the adjustment brackets from the old housings to the new housings, this allow the headlights to pretty much already set when you install them rather than have to adjust them again...and again....and again...   I learned that trick a long time ago.
The first headlight installed.
Both headlights installed, the truck looks totally different than it did when we got it.  My son is stoked, he is planning on more stuff.
Looks totally different.

I bought some "door guard" strip, to protect my doors on my truck.  
"Door Guard"
I had plenty left over so I went ahead and had a brilliant thought.....
Remember those visor thingies that you see on TV to help you see at night or in really bright light.

 "Tac Visor".   As seen on TV kinda thing...?
Well I like mine but I get fingerprints all over it flipping it up or down, depending on the condition, 

What it looks like in my truck
The Night version, with the "door Guard" to keep fingerprints off of it.
Daylight version I use when the sun is directly in my eyes when I am driving.

Disregard the very cluttered garage, most of those boxes are Christmas decoration boxes.  Santa did bring me a set of Bushnell Binoculars and some ammo. I will try next week to torment Mack at his place of employment and see how the Beretta pistol and the Hipoint carbine run.    I also have a cold air intake coming in for my truck so I will post about that when it happens.


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    1. Hey BWBandy;

      Yeah, we got a good deal on it. Friend of mine wqas selling it and we got it for a good price. The kid is talking a bunch of mods to it and I told him that he has to clear any mods through me first. He asked "why"? I wanted to tell him "because I said so" but it was a fair question so I responded "Until you are 18, you are not an adult under the law and the truck is in my name even though it is your truck. I don't want you doing anything that is unsafe or cause problems down the road." He seemed to accept that notion..

    2. There is another argument to consider regarding modifications. Where I live some modifications can make your vehicle hard to insure.


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