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Friday, December 6, 2019

Got a new Pistol..

 I picked up a Beretta Model 81.  the pistol was a Law enforcement turn in from Italy.  I am not sure what year the pistol is made, but I will see if I can figure out when the pistol was made.  the pistol qualifies for C&R purchases due to its model's age.  The pistol series first come out in 1976.
Pistol has a couple of nicks in the finish, but overall the pistol is on very good shape and I am pleased with the purchase.  The Pistol has a great ergonomic feel.

Classic Firearms had a special running on the pistols, $199 plus tax and shipping and FFL charges.  I did buy the extra magazine though.  I gotta find time to go to Macks Place of Employment and shoot the pistol and a rifle that I recently bought.


  1. A Beretta was James Bond's weapon of choice. In one of the early movies,
    his boss had to force him to swap out for the Walther PPK.

  2. I've been watching these for awhile. They look especially good, the price is fantastic, and I really like the double action style. The only possible drawback, if it really is a drawback, is the caliber. The .32 ACP is not often referred to as a fight stopper. But it wasn't that long ago that the .380 ACP was not referred to as a caliber that people should carry, and look at it now.
    The problem is, I have a lot of 9mm ammo, both ball and carry ammo. I can't afford to buy 2 guns, and I have been really considering picking up a .357 magnum possibly the Taurus model 66, in a 4" barrel. I would carry it in the winter, and use it for a white tail deer gun, in the fall. I would only use .38 specials for CCW, most likely starting to reload to save money.
    Of course, I know that I could do the same thing with the .32 ACP, and probably save a bit of money, and get better performance as well.
    In any event, when you have a bit of time with your new pistol, let us know how it worked out for you, if you don't mind. Thanks, and have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Looks good! Will be interested to see the range report.

  4. MrG: I think you'll like it. It's a seriously fun gun to shoot.

    Just plain fun - 12+1 rounds of low/no-recoil .32 in a pistol with decent sights and grip makes for a very fun time at the range.

    Congrats on the purchase, and don't swear too much when you try and reassemble it after taking ti apart for cleaning - the recoil spring has to line up just right in order for the slide release lever to go back into place.

    1. I have been reading some about these guns. Military guns should be well built. Pick up spare mag or two when you can,those will be the hardest thing to find, very soon. Then get anotherfiring pin or two.And maybe learn to reload, that is my plan,for odballrounds. Hav a good week end!


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