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Friday, December 20, 2019

Day after Impeachment...

Well it is the day after impeachment ....

     The democrats went ahead and filed articles of impeachment against President Trump, they went ahead and done it.  They have seriously damaged the social fabric of the country and the peaceful exchange of power between the parties that have existed since the formation of the republic.  Well there was one other real disagreement and that was in 1860 and we know how that one went.

     Meanwhile there was celebration amongst the democrats and the media that they have impeached President Trump, this really disturbs me.  To live in that echo chamber around DC on the Potomac and think that everyone  else think like they do and if they don't then they are rubes and hicks and their opinion don't matter a bit.
      I have stated that this is a problem, to believe that your countrymen are sub human and not worthy of opinion and just need to shut up and work quietly while their betters figure out the best way to run the country.

     The people that want to run the country have a vastly different way of prosperity than we do, they believe that they know what is best because their college professors told them how it is supposed to work, and it will work once the right people run it.

      And speaking of differences of opinions, the British had their elections last week and Labour got hammered, the British people got tired of the pussyfooting around and general stalling by the government in moving BREXIT forward.  After the results and the Tories decisively trounced the Labour party, and areas that in the past were Labour strongholds, went Tory.  I saw the reaction by the people in London, the usual "Johnson Sucks, and he isn't my Prime Minister".

  It kinda gave me the warm and fuzzies, the liberal left, the open border left whom have been importing 3rd world non assimilating people to the British culture and believe that their own culture is superior to the wishy washy British culture and accept all the social handouts as a form of Jidyza tax this will cause problems.  they are already have areas where the police can't go and the local muslims enforce sharia law in their enclaves and the British courts allow it.  You have the grooming gangs where young girls are being picked up in Rotterham England and impressed into rape gangs and the British officials will not do anything about it for fear of being "racist".  Stuff like this is what prompted the Brexit movement.

     Boris Johnson the New British Prime Minister got his inspiration from "Teflon Don" where the democrats haven't been able to silence yet.  We like Trump because he fights, he is the first GOP President that doesn't roll over and take it because it is "Stately".  I hated it because it showed the democrats that the President was a wimp.  Well Trump fights, and he is good at it, he takes a punch and immediately counter punches and the democrats are stunned by this style and they don't know what to do.

     And speaking of silencing, the new Virginia Governor and the Attorney General whom are democrats and this is an object lesson where a small number of very blue counties in Virginia swung a state blue, the rest of the counties of the Commonwealth of Virginia are red, but they were out numbered voter wise, a lot of conservative voters stayed home and they got burned.  The very blue counties around Washington D.C and Richmond did it.  This is an microcosm of why the founding Fathers instituted the electoral college system to protect the rural parts of the country from tyranny of the cities.  Well anyway the Governor has pushed a bunch of gun control bills and preaching confiscation of firearms, to sending the national guard to go door to door.  The Virginia National Guard releasing a statement saying (Say what? in a nutshell). They quickly walked it back, I guess they forgot that they have to "register" them before they can "confiscate" them.   the surrounding counties that are red immediately started forming 2A "sanctuary Counties" and the left lost their mind shreiking "you can't do that!. it is illegal!!".  Sucks to be hoisted on your own petard when y'all formed "sanctuary cities" so 

Meanwhile another results is that various rural sheriffs are forming "citizen Militia's" and some of the sheriffs are saying that they will "deputize" everyone.  The folks in Richmond have threatened to cut the internet, cable, and power of people before the guard moves in to seize firearms....and the people in those counties are thinking of...

   The democrats have no idea how close they are on kicking things off, they insist on pushing the issue because they believe that they are right and we are wrong and those that believe that they are right because of their education and association and beliefs system.  They believe that they should rule like the nobles of old and that we in "flyover country" are just serfs and wage slaves to support them and the system that they have crafted to they can skim off it and lord over the "great unwashed."

     Between the gun control laws on several states like Virginia, Florida, California(no surprise there) Oregon and Washington(No surprise either), and the democrats impeaching Trump who has a huge following in the "Flyover states"
President Trump has a following on this part of the country and he is very popular there.
Democrat controlled areas.
You see the disparity on landmass, but all the control and drama are coming from the coastal areas, they view the areas between NewYork, and D.C and California as "FlyOver Country".  They keep pushing and pushing and they will discover that there will come to a place and a line where they dare not cross, and violence will be nasty and vicious, and I and my friends don't want to go down that road because we have seen war and fighting and don't to inflict it on our fellow Americans.
But if the issue is forced, where our voice and vote don't matter anymore...then flipping the switch becomes an attractive option.


  1. Considering the way America has begun to view the MSM as true domestic enemies, Do they really think gloating group FACE pictures are a good idea? In my estimation, it merely highlights their imaginary superior intellect.

  2. Hey LOL no;

    When I saw that picture, it really pissed me off. They think it is some great thing to impeach a president on purely partisan reason because "orange man bad". one year when a democrat get elected president, the same thing will happen because the democrats have already crossed the Rubicon. The new generation of GOPers will fight as dirty as the democrats have been.


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