The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Embrace the season, sing a song...

I think the best way to get through the season, is to embrace the spirit through a song or a carol.

Try this one:
Hey comrade,
I’ve been thinkin’
I passed a park
And it was stinkin’
I then passed it at night
It gave me a fright
Camping in a Marxist Wonderland
Gone away, is our housing
Barney Frank needs de-lousing
He cooked Fannie Mae
Then gave it away
Welcome to a Marxist Wonderland
In the White House there exists a showman
The press pretends that he is just benign
Debtors ask will you pay us fairly
And we say “no, man”
The Workers Party took their place in line
In Oakland
And Zucotti
They found
Another body
It’s the means and the ends
What’s a rape among friends?
Camping in a Marxist Wonderland
In the Senate, there’s a mouthpiece clown
In the House his counterpart’s a witch
The steal, they cheat, they shred the Constitution
Tearing down the system and blaming all the “rich”
When it crashes
Ain’t it thrilling
Cause we’ve stopped all the drilling
Brazil gets our pay
In the old Soros way
Camping in a Marxist Wonderland
Steal their wealth if you wanna
Send it off to Botswana
The free market chokes
On a new climate hoax
Camping in a Marxist Wonderland
Occupy ….Oklahoma
Drugged out and in a coma
We sleep in a tent
It saves us on rent
Camping in a Marxist Wonderland.
Camping in a Marxist Wonderlaaaaaaaand

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