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Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Bitter Clingers" and various other thoughts.

Well I am down with the "Crud" like BRM discussed a few days ago.

I was going to do a posting on the new play floated by the FCC to put monitors in the newsrooms to make sure that people get the news they "need to have"....Funny question..."Need to have" by whose defination?...A government hack that will make sure the party line is adhered to and nothing embarrassing of the regime makes it out?    But apparently that quickly died after the news broke.  The bad thing is that none of the major news organs complained about it.  

    So I decided to roll out with a few pics that I had saved for a while and figured I would throw them out just to chum the waters.
 Y'all noticed that he made that comment a few years ago, but he only tries to disarm the people over here.  Overseas, he funnels guns and money to the various Muslim groups including the Muslim brotherhood that tried to take over Egypt.   
     Here is another pic of the same kind of thing that I have had in my folder for a few years.

   Now since I ain't feeling up to snuff, I will add a few other pics......No Rule 5 stuff, my son reads my blog and I would catch hell from the spousal unit for that one.   I have another pic that I saved, I in a past life was a Domino's Pizza Manager for about 3 years.  I did this after I got out of the service in 1991.  It was a thankless job and it was dangerous.  I and several of my drivers have been robbed, and I have the stitches on my head from the 15 year old black kid that did it.  I know that corporate policy was " no guns, and don't resist a robbery. Give them what they want."  The policy was put in place not for the safety of the driver, but to keep the company from getting sued if a driver shoots a robber.  That policy might have worked back when I was delivering back in the mid 80's, but you now have kids out there trying to build their Street Cred or Street Cred , they would "put a cap in yo ass".   I carried as did 3/4 of my drivers.  I had told them" Corporate policy is don't resist, but it is better to be tried by 12 than to be carried by 6. You can get another job, you can't get another life."
I also told them, that if I heard of them flashing a gun around, I would have to can them.  "It wouldn't be personal, it was business."  The drivers understood where I was coming from.  The last time I delivered was when I was working at Papa Johns for 6 months after the Ford Plant closed before my present employer hired me.  I will not do it again unless the wolf is at my door and I have no other options.
     Now off to some Saturday morning cartoons:)


Well let me go looking on youtube for some gratuitous Saturday morning cartoons.

Enjoy your Saturdays...   

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