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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Airshow Part 1

I would have had this post up earlier but I had problems....nothing like having all this rain expose a problem with my house electrical system....House is 18 years old and I guess water goes where water goes....Somehow I had a surge or something go through my GCFI wall unit, and wipe out the backyard light fixture.  I had to run drop cords from half of the house to the other half to get the fridge going and the router and tv.   Priorities I suppose...   Well I replaced the GCFI outlet, got power back to the rest of the house but for some reason I can't get the new GCFI to reset and restore the circuit on my exterior part of the house.....Rain.....ain't it fun.....
     But I digress, we went to the airshow and saw a few things.....For starters the venders....here were a couple of them..
 and another one...
   The location was falcon field south of Atlanta, it is a business/general aviation airport.
  We walked around...and there were crowds everywhere....it was billed as a 2 day event but most people came on day 1 because of the 100% chance of rain on the second day and people estimated about 8000 to 10,000 people there.
  There was the Oracle airplane doing stunt flying....and he was good, the pilot was doing corkscrews, rolls, loops, and seeing an airplane hovering for 2 minutes was very impressive.
  The F4U corsair then took off and he started performing loops and many other acrobatics...very impressive especially for th older airframe.
 Just seeing the plane doing all the acrobatics  almost what she might have done in war..very impressive....

  I was having a hard time focusing the camera on my phone to get these pics.
 I also saw my favorite plane...the SBD Dauntless...the plane that in my opinion was instrumental in the defeat of the Japan in the pacific war...the Japanese never recovered from the loss of their 4 strike carriers and most of their experienced air crews.
I have blogged extensively about The Battle of Midway 
     You can see the diving brakes deployed....this is what made the SBD(Slow But Deadly) as she was known to her crew so effective.
     Also there was the ever popular  "Sasquatch" from the Jacklinks commercials...
they also had an airplane there that participated...
We also saw the A10 there....you know the plane that the Air Force top brass has been trying to get rid of and every body else especially the grunts love the plane..
I have seen the destruction that the A10 did to the Iraqi forces in Desert Storm....a lot of grunts can't understand the animosity that the AF brass have with the airframe....but that is a discussion for another time with people that are more knowledgeable than I am.

The kid had a good time as you can tell...

   I will post a second part in a day or so involving the "Blue Angels".   Yes they were there....:)


  1. Way cool indeed. Love that SBD but the Corsair will always be king. When I hit the lottery I'm buying half a dozen of them.

  2. Nice pics, and I'd probably have not taken any, I'd be too busy watching!


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