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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Monday Music "Burning Love", By Elvis Presley

I am still feeling under the weather, I have this cough that will not go away.  This is why my Monday Music is going up today on Tuesday...Well it happens.   I remembered where I was when I got the news of Elvis Presley, we were stationed in Fort McClellen Alabama and My brother and I were over at our friends "Gilbert's house" and we had constructed "Wind Racers",

Yeah, kinda looks like that...and were using a box fan to race them across the floor when Gilbert's mom walked into the room in tears and told us that Elvis Presley had died.  I knew of him since he was one of my Dads and mom's favorite performer. This album was stolen like all the others from my Dads record collection.

"Burning Love" is a song written by Dennis Linde and originally recorded by country soul artist Arthur Alexander, who included it on his 1972 self-titled album. It was soon covered and brought to fame by Elvis Presley, becoming his biggest hit single in the United States since "Suspicious Minds" in 1969 and his last Top 10 hit in the American Hot 100 or pop charts.

Elvis Presley's cover version became much more popular than the original version, and was released as a single on August 1, 1972, with the B-side "It's a Matter of Time", and it reached the Top 40 on the country charts, peaking at #36. Elvis had recorded it at RCA's Hollywood studios on March 28, 1972. It was his last big hit. The electric guitar opening and riffs were overdubbed and played by Dennis Linde himself.

For the week of October 21, 1972, "Burning Love" rose to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, being kept from #1 by Chuck Berry's novelty song "My Ding-a-Ling."However, it reached #1 on Cashbox's Top 40 Charts for the week of November 11, which gave him 20 US #1 hits. The song was Elvis's 40th and last Top Ten hit on the US charts. It was also one of the last real rock songs in the last years of his life; from 1972 to 1977 the majority of his songs were ballads, and many of those placed on Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart. "Burning Love" was one of the few exceptions, along with "Promised Land" in 1974.

He performed it in at least two high-profile productions: the concert film Elvis on Tour (during which he had to use a lyric sheet as the song was still new to him), and the later Aloha from Hawaii concert.
The song was also released on an album titled Burning Love and Hits from his Movies: Volume 2 on November 1, 1972. Despite this album's subtitle, none of the movie songs on it were ever hits. The only actual hit on the album was the title song, "Burning Love"


  1. Hunka hunka burning love! Love Elvis. Still the king. Now I can't get his music or voice out of my head. Well, that's not a bad thing. Happy day, Bob! BTW...there is not enough gossip, scandal, or history on Elvis to bore you. It is all fantastic stuff. What about him being a govt spy against the Mafia? Weird stuff out there.

    1. Hey Momma Fargo

      Yeah, there was a lot of gossip about Elvis back in the day, apparently he was very popular with the more salacious papers back then from his marriage to Lisa Marie, his daughter caused a lot of gossip also, from his drugs, his last few years were really bad. The name of Elvis sold a lot paper and even now his name will sell a lot of books.


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