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Friday, May 25, 2018

Some Friday Musings....

I have been real busy the past few days with the end of school and many other things, I and my son went to pick up our new "used" Cub Cadet that was made in 2002 but is well maintained and the price was real good(Couple of "C notes").  Well we were returning from North Georgia to pick up the lawnmower, I was on an off ramp for the turn home off the interstate I heard a pop, didn't think much about it...Harry looked behind us to make sure that the mower was still in the truck..Well we started moving and I heard this God awful racket and the truck didn't drive right...I am thinking "aw Crap" is it the Transmission?....Something in the suspension.....$$$Dangit$$".  Well I pull off to the side of the road...and climb out and start to look around and I see this.....
Yep that Pop I heard was the tire going flat.....
   I was initially annoyed but I decided to have a teachable moment....I learned how to change a flat in my 1976 Gremlin on the way to College in 1984....Nobody ever showed me how to change a tire and figuring out how to do it on the side of the road really sucked.  I immediately decided to make this a teachable lesson for my son.
I showed him where the assorted tools of the trade were from the lug wrench..
To positioning the jack properly and raising the Axle so the old tire can be removed.   The Spare tire was already lowered from its position behind the hitch.  As we were working, I kept admonishing him to be aware of his surrounding to prevent someone from walking up on us .  The area wasn't the greatest area, it wasn't the hood, but it is an area full of gas stations and warehouses.
Apparently I "found" a nail on the off ramp.....
"Mission Completed"

We have been inundated with rain that Old NFO had sent here from Texas in the past few days, it has prevented from working some projects outside like I wanted to.  I am planning on picking up my Garand in 2 weeks from Anniston and I am excited.
    On a different note politically related, the Democrats have ramped up their goals for the 2018 election...A huge part of their platform is ...
Impeach Trump, gun control, support of Illegals and roll back the Trump tax cuts.   I keep hearing of this big blue wave from the media and the talking heads.  I have come to the conclusion that they are doing the same thing that they did in 2016, they are in a big echo chamber and only hearing from their own and ignoring the people out on flyover land again...The unemployment is lower, there are more jobs opening up and more people are working.  How you keep beating the drums and ignoring the state of the economy.  Bill Clinton famously stated in 1992 "It is the economy.....stupid", and defeated a sitting President which is statistically difficult to do when he defeated George H.W. Bush who should not have been defeated especially after his handling of the Gulf War.  But the economy was in trouble and people voted with their wallets in mind especially after the "Read my lips, No new Taxes" but then he caved to compromise with the democrats who then used it to beat him over the head during the election.

    People will vote the same here, despite the 90% negative news for President Trump from the media, he has a 50% positive rating in the polls.  This is a great concern for the Democrats, their attempts to use Stormy Daniels to tarnish Trump has failed.
     Well the FBI got themselves in a ringer, the information came out that they had surveilled the Trump campaign and now the information is coming out.
When you have James Clapper from the Obama administration who was the chief of intelligence for the Obama administration coming out and saying "we did it to look for Russians", really left a bad taste after they spent a year denying it and mocking President Trump for saying otherwise.  
     And speaking of President Trump, he pulled out of the summit with North Koreans...
He wasn't going to get played like the prior Presidents have especially Clinton and Obama.  The democrats of course couldn't decide which way to go...

Now I hear that "Rocket Man" wants a summit afterall, apparently he was confident that Trump would bow to international pressure and placate the North Koreans.  And President Trump withdrew much to the surprise of the NORKS.  It will be interesting how this plays out.  
    I will not have a Mondays Music because it is Veterans day so my installment of "Monday Music" will be on Tuesday this week.


  1. Better a teaching moment in daylight, not raining, and time to do it right! :-)

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      That is what I thought after I got past my irritation. I remembered a young me in slacks because it was orientation week at North Georgia College crawling around in the side of the road trying to change a tire and had no idea. Was no fun lemme tell you.


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