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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sick as a dog...

The phrase “sick as a dog” is credited as first being used back in 1705, probably in Europe.
In this time period, dogs were not seen as the human companions they are now. They were not given medical treatment and mostly left to live or die naturally outdoors.
They would not have ever received any type of medical treatment and because in these times we did not have such advanced medical technologies or even the same understanding of the world, human bodies and much less canine biology, humans often associated unpleasant things with dogs.
Back in these days, disease and misfortune was as easily blamed on stray dogs as it was anything else.
The term generally meant “very sick” or “physical unhappiness”
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  1. What? Not possible. This cannot happen. You still need to do some sick posting. I mean posting while sick. Sigh. Get better MrG.


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