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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

New Post for Mack

This is on my scheduler thingie in case I am out of contact where there is no WiFi and this drops so my blog has something to fill in the spot so my little corner of the internet has something for the coffee drinkers to peruse while they energize for the day.

 This was back in 2015 when my son joined the Order of the Arrow

My blog buddy Mack is my friend both in blogspace and in Meatspace.  We both knew each other in the Scoutcamp world before we realized that we also knew each other from knowing Old NFO and commenting on his stuff on his blog.  Funny how that worked out.  Well anyway besides my razzing Mack on his love of tupperware guns and his adoration of 1911's, he is a really good friend to have and I count myself honored to be one of his friends.
Mack and Old NFO at the Original ChickFila in Hapeville back in 2017
We got together with him to swap lies and other stories while Jim was passing through to do his annual pilgrimage at the Masters in Augusta.  

      Well anyway Mack Always had this thing for the Rogue squadron from Star Wars and I saw this video on YouTube and I immediately thought of Mack and his thing for Rogue Squadron.

It is funny that the fans have done a better job with Star Wars than the Studio has, especially with the last couple of offerings were so ate up with PC nonsense it turned off a lot of fans in disgust.  I saw this and figured that Mack would enjoy this one.


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