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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

One of my projects

I have been doing improvements to the house while I was on furlough, We have a pocket door on our ground floor bathroom and I was never happy with it. The hacks that installed it were very sloppy with the installation and for 22 years I just looked past it, until one day I finally decided to fix it.  Here are the before and after shots.
Bottom of Door
See the Gaps around the door and the Frame?
What it looked like recessed
See how battered the door casing looked?
So I proceeded to pull out the...
And started filling in the gaps, and also took the striker plate off and the latch assembly, and totally filled in the opening in the casing because when the hacks installed the door, they installed the striker off center and misinstalled the latch so you could never lock the pocket door.
I proceeded to use my tablesaw to measure out and cut new pieces of trim then start to fit them.
Looking up 
I continued laying trim. As you can tell, the bathroom wall has been painted, that is another blogpost;)
Continuing running Trim
The Trim installed.  I let it dry for a week before I sealed it then primed it and painted it,
Sealed and painted, I also had replaced the latch assembly with a new brushed aluminum latch after repairing the door from where the hacks had mis screwed and mis drilled the original latch 22+ years ago.  I also replaced the striker plate on the casing
The Casing has been repaired and painted and the door tracks much better. 


  1. I Love pocket doors that are well done. And it looks like you now have a very well done pocket door....Bravo on the exceedingly fine craftsmanship.

    We had our current house built in 2004, and while I have been happy with their work overall, there was one thing that bothered me (at first). I had wanted a pocket door and the builder flat refused. He stated that they never work properly and flat refused to install it.
    Several years later I reconsidered, if the builder said that pocket doors can never be made to work correctly, I am now happy that he didn't install one. Because I am sure if he had it would have resembled the one you just fixed.
    I might just have to see if I can install one myself (I know just how much more work is involved in doing that in an existing wall that doesn't already have a pocket door...But I'm retired so if it takes a year or three it will keep me and the power tools entertained.

    -I had two pocket doors at home when I was growing up. In the decades I used them they never had issues (even with teenagers abusing them) so I know they can work well when done right.

    MSG Grumpy

  2. Interesting way to fix the problems! :-)


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