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Friday, May 29, 2020

what an adventure...

Came back from vacation and finished it in the Emergency room....What a deal...What a deal....LOL

We went to Alabama for our family vacation to meet my brother and his family, they rented a lake house house and we split the cost on Lake Martin and it was a nice lake but the lake was huge.  We had this grand plan to rent a pontoon boat for 24 hour and drive all over the lake and let the kids have a good old time,well the rain that Old NFO summoned from Texas hit Alabama and scotched that idea.  No biggie. we just hung around and enjoyed being around family. My son and his friend had brought various fishing poles and lures to match their wits against the local fish so they were stoked.  It was a good vacation...except on the last night, there was a trip to the Emergency room...Mine.  I am susceptable to migraines and they are vicious.  I take maintenance drugs to keep them at length.and if they fail, I have "Old Faithful"
Well "Old Faithful" didn't work so I took what is called "Breakthrough" medication and it didn't work so off the the ER I went. second time to the ER ever for me, first time was because of a car accident.  That was no fun, lemme tell you.  Heck of a way to round off my family vacation LOL.  Wife is planning another trip in July. 

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  1. Sorry to hear it got ruined by the migraine. Hopefully, they got you straightened out!


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