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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Returning home

I and my son went to Tennessee to visit my Mom and Pops for a couple of days and while we were there I happen to go into a thrift store and walked around and picked up a few books...
I am looking forward to reading these books.  I also stopped at the Smokey mountain Knife works and picked up another knife for work.

I remembered a conversation that we had on Farcebook about Lawdog making a comment about Dolly Parton and how she much work she has done for the Appalachian community since the early 90's and I had commented that "She is the closest thing to a saint in that community.  By her personality and force of will and vision, she has built an empire that has done much for her community.
She has her own license plate in that area of Tennessee.  This one came off my Moms car.   And speaking of License plates. while we were driving from Tennessee to Georgia, a huge percentage of the cars I saw on the interstate were from "Blue States" that are under lockdown and they are driving down to the red states where we ain't locked down to actually do stuff.  Funny how that actually works out...

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  1. That is outstanding, and yeah, the blues are running to the reds... Funny how that works out when things don't go the way they want, or they have to abide by their own rules.


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