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Thursday, May 21, 2020

still more projects...

This ties into the door project that was in the prior post.  This should have dropped, but for some reason I got the date off by one...*oops*, and I didn't catch it until I came home this afternoon to finally do my daily blogreading and coffee drinking. 
     I had decided to change the bathroom downstairs from the old color, it really didn't translate well and it just look *blah*.  Since I am furloughed,  the spousal unit picked out another color for me to use in the bathroom.  I proceeded to take things apart and cover things..
Started taping up.
More Taping.
Put a Tarp down to keep paint off the floor...What a pain, lemme tell you.
 I had moved the light and removed the exhaust fan and cleaned and painted it white.
More Paint.
Finished Bathroom, I also replaced the outlet covers,light switch cover repainted all the trim along the floor, reglued the wood on the cabinet, and replaced the cabinet hardware.  Faucet is next, I am not excited about squeezing my old round shape in that space to install it.*ouch*

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