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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Check your rental car statement

I do a lot of traveling, it is a benefit of my job. I normally decline the supplimental insurance when I rent a car.  I have USAA a very good insurance company. The only time I take "their" insurance is when I am at a resort or party place..like Las Vegas.  The idea of some drunk careening into my rental while it is parked at the hotel gives me pause.  I also screen the receipt and pay attention to damages.    I got this PSA from Old NFO
     Hope he don't mind


Got this at work, and it's worth a look if you travel for either business or pleasure...

We have been seeing incidents with rental car companies that appear questionable to us and I wanted to give you a heads-up on some of the issues that travelers have been dealing with.

Some travelers have been charged for damages that may or may not have occurred while the car was in their possession.  Dings, cracks, flat tires, fender damage etc.  You may want to pay a little extra attention when the car is inspected prior to signing anything.

Also, one of the rental companies has stated that they offer other options to the traveler at check-in.  You might select a car that is presented to you which is actually an upgrade.  One term that is used is 'Intermediate', which is equivalent to the rental agency's 'Mid-sized' cars.  Other terms used by the rental companies are 'Standard and Full', both of which are upgrades.

We have also had incidents of travelers declining the insurances, but they have been added to the bill anyway. You may see it listed as PAE / ESP / SLI CHG.
Personal Accidents and Effects - PAE
Emergency Sickness Plan -ESP
Supplemental Liability Insurance - SLI

With this in mind, take an extra minute at the counter to check the estimated charges to ensure that you are not being overcharged.

I am sending this out to all since this information may be helpful both for professional as well as private travel.

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