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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Doings on at Casa de Garabaldi

Several things going on here, I was feeling under the weather and went to the Dr. and I hate Dr visits.  Well anyway I have an ear infection and bronchitis and pneumonia  That sucks.
     Also some background on a situation, I have a good friend that is the Assistant Chief for the County Police department where I live and I asked him to run a Serial number for my .45 that got stolen in 1992 from my truck in the county seat of the neighboring county.  I have been contacting the police department over there every 4 or 5 years making sure my address is current and checking on it.  I have this hope that one day I will get that pistol back.  That was the pistol that I used for single stack competitions in Europe while I was stationed there.
   Well I got the feeling that the police department there was blowing me off so when my friend ran the number it came back with nothing at all, no Stolen, no nothing.  I had memorized the S/N long ago and I still have the USAREUR registration with the S/N on it along with my information when I was stationed .  My friend who is on good terms with the Chief there asked the chief to dig into the records back in 1992 and it came back with no information.  So either they destroyed the records and not entered it on NCIC or they never took a report.  All these years I have been getting shined on by the police Dept and it pissed me off.  I wasted all these years on the hope of getting that pistol back.
    Next week I will go to the county seat and go to the local paper there, back in 1992/1993 the local paper printed the Crimes of the day/week and I used this to plot the crime pattern so I knew where I could warn my delivery drivers where to avoid or be careful.  I recall people coming up to me after the theft and vandalism and commiserating with me on the incident.  I will dig through the archives and see if the information was there and where they got the information and if I can prove that, then I can force the dept to put the S/N in NCIC.  This really pisses me off
   And speaking of guns, I am looking to saving toward my next purchase, and I have 3 choices that I am looking at.  I will post the choices and the pro's and cons for each purchase, perhaps y'all can give me your opinion.

    Choice #1 is Rock Island 1911 .45 ACP

Pro's                                                                  Cons..
 It is a .45 ACP                                                   Another caliber of ammo I will have to buy
 A little over $400 from Buds Gun shop           Basic .45, I will have to upgrade the sights and fit
                                                                            For Accuracy

My Second choice is a Carbine

Pro's                                                                                                               Cons:
  .40 caliber which matches 2 other pistols so I have less logistic issue     Ugly as Homemade sin
  Actually has a good reputation....For a Hi-Point                                         Ugly as Homemade sin
   Cheap                                                                                                         Fit and Finish is lacking
  You can customize it with optics and other offerings.
    Dad owns one and he loves it, 

Number 3 is a Lever action .357
Pro's:                                                                                                  Cons:
Same caliber as my wheelguns, can plink with .38                         Expensive as hell $1000 minimum
Lever action, less likely to "scare people"                                       Did I say "expensive as hell"?

       What say you my faithful readers....?   Keep in mind, I have a limited budget and to keep the spousal unit happy, I don't use "house money" for my gun purchases


  1. Lever gun, lever gun, lever gun!!! ANd yes, hang those sumbitches out to dry!

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      I will check farther into the lever action and yes I plan on getting results from the Police Dept.

  2. You can get the lever gun for around $650 to $750.

    1. Hey Gregg;

      I will look around several pawn shops and some stores to find the best price and location for the lever action. I don't want to pay a grand for a rifle.

  3. I went with the lever as 38/357 is a little easier to reload using one of the hand clamp jobbers. if thing really go pear shaped I think that will be the one to grab on the run.

    1. Hey Paul;

      I have started looking at Lever actions and checking pawn shops but .357 isn't that common, now if I wanted it in 30-30, it would be easy, LOL

  4. .357 lever gun. And it should cost 600-750 depending on finish and barrel length, not a grand.

    1. Hey B;

      you were not the first one to tell me that, I have put feelers with some friends and see if they happen to run across one in their travels, to let me know and the cost. I still continue to save the money so I will have it when the time cones, Thank you :)


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