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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve and some doings on on my blog..

Here is some Christmas Humor I ran across, actually my son found this and showed it to me and I liked it.

They are hilarious and worth the look.

I also have hit the big time as far as blogs goes, I finally got my first piece of hate email and the person that wrote it was creative.  I was flattered and as I told a friend "It brought a tear to my eye".
 I wrote one post in 2014 and the other post in 2016
This is what the person wrote:

I'm going to report your nasty blog for Islamophobia. I clean my ass with the flag of the United States! Fuck you ignorant peasant! Fuck you conspiranoic white trash!


  1. Good Morning;

    The joys of being in the United States is the ability to speak or say what you will without being sent to a work camp, or a gulag or have a tire wrapped around you and set on fire. One day when your country has the freedom of speech where you can say what you wish without fear of repercussion or reprisals than you will understand the meanings of the word "Freedom". Where you can expand your mind and live your dreams to the best of your ability. That is the magic of a free mind.

        I also got another one from the same guy...

    Your prostitute mother is hermaphrodite and zombie, not the antifascist movement. I clean my ass with your country, I clean my ass with your race, I clean my ass with your mother! Fuck you white trash! Fuck you conspiranoic bastard! Fuck you fascist scum! fuck you piece of shit! you are the perfect example of ignorant white trash. fuck you redneck!fuck you son of a bitch and fuck the usa!


    1. Good morning;

      You kiss your mother with that mouth?


      Now some suppositions, or informed guesses of the guy, again I am making a guess that the person is a guy, girls don't get that spun up.  Since the guy made all sorts of suppositions on who I am, I will return the favor. 
           From the sentence structure, English is not his first language.  I will continue and state that this person probably is 15 to 17 years old, and lives in the southern Hemisphere either in South America or North Africa.   
          Now if someone disagrees with me, I am all about having a debate on a different point of view, that is how one learns.  But this is just vulgar and accomplishes little.


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  1. Ah yes, and agreed with your assumptions. Doesn't understand what true 'freedom' is...


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