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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Decommissioned destroyer becomes reef.

I saw this on Yahoo, the article is here

   We can't keep every ship that people serve on, but it is still with mixed emotions to see a ship get sunk, I supposed that it is better than making frying pans or razer blades out of her.  Ships have personalities and people get attached to them, especially those that serve on them.

ABOARD THE MV DELAWARE (AP) — Some sailors who served on the Navy destroyer U.S.S. Arthor B. Radfordgathered Wednesday to watch it be pushed to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to become part of a manmade reef.
"It's sad to see it being sunk," said Lee String, 46, of Westville, N.J., who served on the ship in 1985 as a welder, pipefitter and plumber. "It was once a proud-looking ship, but it's better to see it go to that purpose rather than razor blades."

Service pic

Decommissioned and prep for reef pic


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  1. How sad to see something so noble stripped and gutted. I know the fish will be happy, so will the fishermen, in time, but it is still sad. Yes, better than razor blades.