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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Fruitbats in Kalifornia are back again......

My comments are in RED,  The truth of it is that if you expose kids to the proper use of firearms, you take the mystique out of firearms and the proper use of firearms, the kids are far less likely to abuse the firearms.  This is my son being taught the proper way to handle firearms.

            This is a kneejerk reactions by liberals that have a visceral hatred of all things firearms and believe that to have a perfect utopia is to ban guns, but like all liberals, they forget to take into account human nature.  There will be always bad people in the world and the good people need to stay armed and ready to protect themselves and their family from the bad people that make poor choices in life.

A community organizer and others object to police teaching kids about guns

And in California, what was supposed to be a nice friendly event where local kids met and interacted with police officers went sour when neighborhood loons protested the fact that the police officers had...wait for it...GUNS!

Oh, NOEZ!!! Who would ever have expected that?

Here were the police officers, trying to establish a good rapport with the kiddies. Who could ever object to that? Well crack dealers, perhaps. And local fruitbats who got so bent out of shape over the presence of firearms that they tried to kill this event and any future ones like it.
Photos of officers from the Santa Rosa Police Department letting kids handle the department’s SWAT team weaponry at a community event has sparked a debate over how much exposure to guns is healthy for kids.

Community organizer Attila Nagy, who took the photos, told FoxNews.com that he was concerned it might encourage kids to use guns in the future.

"My main concern is for kids who handle these things. They're fascinated by them, and it makes them familiar with guns," he said.
Yeah, let's make sure that kids never become familiar with firearms, except of course those on TV and in the movies or video games. Let's treat real guns as "forbidden fruit" and make kids even more curious about them. Geez. That's an idea so dumb that I really wasn't surprised to hear it come from a self-identified "community organizer".

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  1. The wife and two girls are from the land where Great Briton used to be.

    When she first got here, she couldn't get over the fact that every lawman was armed (it's not done in polite society, you know...).
    Even now that she's been here for almost eight years, it's kind of off-putting to see a gun where there is no 'reasonable call' for it.

    She's not hoplophobic, just grew up in a different place.

    *Note F/F does not recognize hoplophobic, but does recognize homo and hydrophobias.