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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gun control

I got This from Fuzzy's Dad

World history tells us of tyrants and dictators that have deprived the populace of their God given rights, especially the right to keep and bear arms. The Jewish Defense League (www.JDL.org) has advised that everywhere in World history where genocide has been committed, the genocide was always preceded by disarming the population. The party or government responsible for disarming may not always be the same party or government that committed the genocide, nonetheless, genocide was committed on the disarmed and defenseless.
There are even certain modern evils in the United Nations that must be monitored with vigilance lest the sovereignty of the United States and our Constitution become compromised. Many people have been ill informed or unaware of our own American history and the criminal element dictating laws that prevent honest men and women from their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The “Tell”, or verbal history along with recorded documentation, has been told before. Some have forgotten, and others may never have known. Herein is a reminder:
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