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Sunday, August 28, 2011

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The Incredible Insensitivity of the Vacationer-In-Chief

The narcissism of our 44th President continues unabated
A sun-soaked relaxer-in-chief spent close to five hours at a private Edgartown beach with the first family yesterday — still with no plans to cut the presidential vacation short while other islanders heeding the threat of Hurricane Irene packed up paradise and high-tailed it to the mainland. ...
Vineyard hotel managers urged guests to plan their exits as soon as possible, and emergency officials told locals to stock up on four days of food and water.
The Obamas, meanwhile, enjoyed a low-key day amid the white sands and tall waves of the private Pohogonot beach. The president did convene a conference call with emergency officials for an Irene update earlier in the day.
He had no plans to leave Martha's Vineyard early — even as emergency crews mobilized around him.
As local citizens and emergency management officials work frantically to secure homes and businesses against approaching Hurricane Irene, the Obama family continues to frolic in the sun and obstruct emergency preparation efforts.
Are they completely immune to the needs of others? The longer Michelle and Barack soak up the sun, the less time the private property owner has to prepare for a storm that is described as an "extrordinary threat" to the Northeast and New England. If the Obama's do decide to leave, it will be at the last possible moment.
In doing so, they increase the danger to their drivers and Secret Service details, their jet and helicopter crews, the White House support staff that must travel with the President.
They increase the danger to local employees who must come in behind the dallying President and his  $10 million dollar wife, who must try to secure the property against gale-force winds and driving rain and storm surge, and then somehow scamper themselves to safety as Irene roars up the coast.
The lives of average Americans they put in harm's way are but an afterthought to the Michelle Antoinette and our golf-mad President.
May history remember them as the failures they are.

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