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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Border Pics

As those that have been reading my blog for a while know that I was in the U.S Army, and served all of my 6 years overseas( excepting basic and AIT)   We had a discussion with the building of the wall on Berlin the barricades that separated West Germany from East Germany.  Here was the post I did last week.    This was the post I did back in March.  I talked about my time in Germany during the fall of the wall.  I have a bunch of pictures I had taken during my time patrolling the border.  I was border qualified to operate inside the 1K zone.  I had just the border basic stuff.  2nd ACR who was responsible for the 1 K zone in VII Corp area of Germany was very strict, we had drills, rollouts, alerts, ete all the time in the little border garrisons.  I remember spending a lot of time at the border post called"Hof"   There was another one, but for the life of me I cannot remember.   I was with 1st Inf div (fwd) in Geoppingen at Cooke Barracks.   If you liked soldering, it was a good duty station.  We spent a lot of time in exotic places like Hohenfels, WildFlecken and the rotations for border duty.  Well I got my scanner working so I figured I would post a few pics.   Once I figure out a way to set up a separate link on my blog to a folder or something I will upload more.

          This pic was taken toward a town, I have forgotten the name, but the border was a "wet border"  you can see the wall inside the border.  Most of the town was deserted, the Vopo's didn't want to take a chance of anybody leaving the workers paradise.  Those that did live there had family living in the interior and their family would pay the price if they escaped to the west.
That was the actual border with the border markings on it.
There was one of the Guard Towers, we didn't wave or acknowledge them.  According to rumint(rumor intelligence) if you waved at them, they would take your picture, adjust a few things and mail the pic to the Commander SACEUR or something like that.  It wouldn't be good.    I will add more pics once I finish tweaking my scanners settings.

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  1. You have opened an entire thought process for me. Incredible. Thank you.


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