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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Black Seas fleet will receive new aircraft

I got this from one of my airplane sources.  it does have me concerned with the recent russian militarism and Putin wanting to return the Russians back into the romping, stomping, red army.  With us retreating from the world stage, the Russian and Chinese are expanding.
Post image for Black Sea Fleet will receive new aircrafts Russian Black Sea fleet in the next three years will receive not only the new frigates, corvettes and submarines, but also 12 new aircrafts Su-30 CM. They will replace the front-line bomber Su-24, which nowadays are based at the airfield Guards (Crimea).
This is a new modification of the Su-30 MKI, which is capable to gain speed up to 2.1 thousand miles an hour and to fly to a distance of three thousand kilometers. Combat radius of the Su-30 cm is 1.5 thousand kilometers. The aircraft can carry a gun with a total weight of up to eight tons. Earlier it was reported that in 2012, naval aviation was expecting the first batch of new deck-based fighters Mig-29K.
“The first four MiG-29K can be supplied already in 2012. The Armament Department just should make a contract with the weapons industry for the construction and purchase of these aircrafts,” – said the commander of Naval Aviation Navy, General Major Igor Kozhin in an interview to Dni.ru. “But if this does not happen the new aircrafts will be able to get in the combat system of Naval Aviation only in 2013” – he added.

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