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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obungler and Hitler Youth comparison

I got this link from my Dad and watched it, it is a comparison of Obungler and Hitler youth.  Both uses propaganda and children.  The Children are the most impressionable in our society.  What Hitler was doing with the HJ(Hitler Jungend) or as we called it "HItler Youth".  You push a long term change of society starting off with the children.  The Soviets did the same thing, especially with Stalin,
 his NKVD
used the children to basically spy on their parents and if the parents were "disloyal" then the internal security apparatus would pay a visit and depending on the transgression, anything from a beating to making a visit to a Gulag for an extended stay at the behest of the state.  I see this video and all I can think of with those little American kids, they were singing to make their teacher happy but it also is indoctrination.  What will happen if Obungler gets reelected, will we have this stuff happening here?  Can you imagine what it does for the traditional family structure when the kids can use the state to punish the parents?   maybe that is what they want, having the new generation swear loyalty to a figurehead rather than their parents.  the government will be both mother and father, can you imagine what the kids will turn out as?

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