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Thursday, August 4, 2011

"For Our Children"

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Children with a dog photo
Children with a dog
OK .. maybe now’s the time to deal with this “your children” line.  Yes, it’s true that our children will be left to handle this debt burden.  But I want you to think of something for a moment.  Just who is downloading the children who will have to shoulder this burden?  This isn’t a very politically correct thing to say, but in our country today the less able you are to afford the cost of raising a child, the more likely it is that you will have one – and more than one.  The moocher class is a productive class in one sense only --- procreating; producing more moochers.  The child birth rates are lowest among Americans who can bear the cost and highest among Americans who cannot.   Now – would it be fair to make the assumption that more responsible Americans who make good economic decisions are more likely to raise children who will follow the same path?   Sure … this is a generalization, but I’m guessing that way into the future studies will show that it was the children of economically responsible parents who will pretty much cover this nation’s future tax burden.
So … when you hear people talking about the horrible burden that is being placed on our children with the orgy of spending and borrowing we’re engaged in today; just remember.  Those begat by moochers may well continue to be moochers, while those begat by achievers will be carrying the burden.  Again; I know --- it’s not true across the board, but I think we’ll see that this is the way it will play out.

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