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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monday Music..."Tunnel of Love"

    Today is my new installment of Monday Music(Well it is Tuesday Morning....so there...)  I got moved from the Airbus line to the Boeing 757 line, so I am learning a whole new airplane and it is very different than the Airbus that I am familiar with.  That is why there is the time lag on my postings...nothing like hitting the ground running.
     I decided to go with Bruce Springsteen and his "Tunnel of Love", I was on leave when I got this album and played it a lot especially when I went back to Germany.  His last album "Born in the USA was my favorite album for a long time.  His next album wasn't quite as successful but it was still a good offering.   I don't care for the politics of Bruce, but I like his music...There are times that I wish that singers and performers would keep their politics out of the news...it does make it more difficult to lay my $$$ down for somebody that is diametrically opposed to my beliefs.   I do digress, here is some information on "Tunnel of Love"
     "Tunnel of Love" is the title song by Bruce Springsteen from his 1987 Tunnel of Love album. It was released as the second single from the album, reaching number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Like the first single from the album, "Brilliant Disguise", "Tunnel of Love" reached number one on the Album Rock Tracks chart. The single had less commercial success in other countries.

Like much of the Tunnel of Love album, "Tunnel of Love" was recorded in Springsteen's home studio, called Thrill Hill East, between January and May 1987 with several members of the E Street Band.On this song, Springsteen played several instruments and is backed by Roy Bittan on synthesizers, Nils Lofgren on lead guitar and Max Weinberg on drums. Springsteen's future wife, Patti Scialfa provided backing vocals. Effects on the song include the sounds of an actual family riding a roller coaster in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.
The song uses a fairground funhouse ride as a metaphor for marriage. The relationship described in the song has three principals - the singer, his wife, and all the things they are scared of. The singer feels that marriage should be simple ("man meets woman and they fall in love"), but recognizes that along the way the ride can become difficult and unpredictable. The characters in the song laugh when they see each other in the funhouse mirrors, but it is not clear if they are laughing out of humor, or laughing at each other in derision.The song notes that it is all too easy for two people to lose each other on the "funhouse ride" of marriage.
The music of the song echoes the lyrics. The music is complex and has half of the E Street Band playing on the song. Nils Lofgren's surging guitar sound has been likened to the sound of the bickering couple, and the percussion and synthesizer add to the carnival atmosphere, as does the sound of the roller coaster riding family.

The chanted vocal bridge at 3:40 in the song borrows the melody from the bridge of the Moody Blues' song New Horizons (from their 1972 album Seventh Sojourn)
The song was later released on the compilation album The Essential Bruce Springsteen.
The aggregation of critics' lists at acclaimedmusic.net did not place this song in its list of the top 3000 songs of all time, but rated it as one of the 1980 songs "bubbling under" the top 3000. The song has also been listed as the #20 Best Rock and Roll single of all time by Jimmy Guterman in 1992 and as one of the 7500 most important songs from 1944 through 2000 by Bruce Pollock. It was also ranked as the #10 single of 1987 by the Village Voice and the Single of the Year in 1987 by the Rolling Stone Magazine.
The original single's B-side, "Two for the Road", is a short song performed by Springsteen alone, accompanying himself on guitar (acoustic and electric) and whistling for one verse. It is a love song, in whose lyrics the singer makes gentle advances to a girl he met after a show.


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